man and his doctor at a Houston mental health care center in tx

Houston Mental Health Care Center

f you’re someone who’s struggling with symptoms of anxiety or depression as well as having an addiction, you may have co-occurring disorders. Many people don’t realize it, but most people with an addiction also have an underlying mental illness. Mental illness is one of the leading reasons as to why people begin abusing drugs or…


Meth Abuse in Houston

Houston meth abuse continues to ravage the community. In fact, problems only worsen as recent statistics indicate. More than half of all meth-related deaths occurring from 1999 to 2014 in Houston took place in 2012 to 2014. More than 400 residents died from meth in 2014, alone. The region of Texas running from Houston to…


Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Houston

Sometimes, it’s easier to identify drug abuse than alcohol addiction. Many people know that most forms of drug use are illegal. However, because drinking alcohol is perfectly legal and acceptable, it’s not always as easy to recognize when drinking becomes a problem. If you live in Houston, you might believe that a Houston alcohol treatment…

man considering houston drug abuse treatment programs

Houston Drug Abuse Treatment Programs

Picking the right rehab center is an important step to getting addiction help. Fortunately, Texas is home to a number of reputable addiction treatment facilities. For example, Houston, specifically, offers quality rehabilitative options. Overall, Houston drug abuse treatment programs provide comprehensive care people can count on. What Makes Quality Houston Drug Abuse Treatment Programs? Houston…


Dual Diagnosis Treatment Austin TX

When seeking drug rehab treatment, it’s important to consider co-occurring disorder treatment. Overall, Austin dual diagnosis treatment helps you avoid future relapse. The Importance of Dual Disorder Treatment When people need addiction treatment, they usually have underlying problems. Addiction is a mental disorder, and, typically, these come in pairs. Not to mention, the brain becomes…


Austin Recovery Center

The path from addiction to sobriety isn’t easy. It requires a lifelong commitment and hard work. An Austin recovery center may be able to provide the treatment and support that you need to succeed in recovery. Learn about what you can expect during a rehab addiction program. What to Expect at an Austin Recovery Center…