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Opiates can also cause things like post-acute withdrawal, which results in you experiencing mild withdrawal symptoms for weeks, or even months, after you stop using. Prescription medications like methadone are usually used as maintenance therapy or to help during withdrawal. But, what is methadone? And how does an oxycodone addiction rehab center in San Antonio TX use it?

The reemergence of the heroin epidemic has led to record rates of substance abuse and overdoses in the United States. During the 1960s, the United States experienced a sharp increase in heroin addiction and use, which led to a greater focus on addiction research and treatment. In the 1990s, stronger opiate prescription pain killers like oxycodone led to rampant abuse, with many users ultimately transitioning to heroin because of the rising costs of black-market opiates.

Both prescription opiates and heroin lead to physical and psychological addiction. Addiction causes major changes to your brain chemistry. Not only does addiction impair your ability to make rational decisions, but it also leads to a severe neurotransmitter imbalance. Neurotransmitters are responsible for emotions such as happiness, joy, and relaxation.

What is Methadone?

So, what is methadone? Methadone  is a prescription opiate that is primarily used to treat opiate withdrawal. When used as a medication assisted therapy, treatment centers distribute methadone daily, typically in the early morning. One dose of methadone can curtail cravings and prevent withdrawal symptoms.

Methadone is slower acting than opiates like heroin and OxyContin. Although methadone is physically and psychologically addictive, it can drastically help many people who are struggling to maintain abstinence. Methadone’s effects can last anywhere from 8 to 36 hours, with the effects lasting longer among daily users.

Methadone is for short term detox, where it slowly titrates you off of opiates. The short-term process typically takes 4 weeks. Methadone may be also used for a 6 months detox or long term. Treatment has several major benefits despite its risk of abuse and addiction.

Benefits of methadone treatment include:

  • Increases chances of remaining abstinent from opiates
  • Decreases risk of exposure to Hepatitis C and AIDS
  • Lowers the risk of relapse
  • Decreases chances of experiencing a fatal or non-fatal overdose
  • Block the intoxicating effects of other opiates

Addiction Treatment

When understanding what is methadone and how it helps during recovery, it is important to remember that it is a prescription drug. In order to use this drug for medication assisted therapy, you must connect with a treatment center or medical professional.

The major benefit of methadone treatment is that it can greatly reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Since methadone is addictive, short term use offers the best overall recovery outcomes.

How San Antonio Recovery Center Can Help

Now that you understand what is methadone and how does it helps treat addiction, you may be ready to take your first step towards recovery and reach out for help. San Antonio Recovery Center, a leading oxycodone addiction rehab center San Antonio TX offers, is here to support you during your recovery. Call us today at 866.957.7885 to learn more about recovery and your treatment options.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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