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People consume alcohol and drugs for a variety of reasons. When this substance use begins to affect a person’s life and relationships, it can become a problem. In fact, substance use disorders affect millions of Americans, and even more are indirectly affected by someone else’s addiction. There is a cost to society when a person struggles with a substance use disorder. However, no matter how serious the condition, recovery from addiction is possible for everyone. One of the most effective treatment methods for drug and alcohol use disorders is called motivational enhancement therapy.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a substance use disorder, San Antonio Recovery Center offers motivational enhancement therapy to help overcome uncertainty about getting sober. Committing to an addiction therapy program can help you clarify your priorities, mend broken relationships, and improve your physical and mental well-being. To learn more about the various addiction treatment plans and therapies we offer, you can call us at 866.957.7885. Our staff are standing by to get you started on your road to a sober life.

What Is Motivational Enhancement Therapy?

Motivational enhancement therapy is a counseling approach used in the treatment of substance use disorders. People who struggle with substance use disorders often have little motivation to make changes in their lives, despite knowing the impact their condition can have on themselves and other people around them. Motivational enhancement therapy aims to increase a patient’s motivation to reduce their use of alcohol and drugs. This commitment is the key to a patient making healthier choices, as they are then able to utilize their own internal and external resources for change.

How Does Motivational Enhancement Therapy Work?

The focus of motivational enhancement therapy is on increasing the intrinsic motivation of the patient who struggles with a substance use disorder. The therapist works with the patient to do three things:

  • Increase awareness of the problem
  • Counteract self-defeating thoughts about the problem
  • Create motivation to change

The treatment program begins with an initial assessment battery that will create a clear picture of the patient and their experience with a substance use disorder. The goal of the treatment plan is the goal the patient themselves sets during intake. The patient shapes the sessions using their own words and experiences as a basis. The therapist then collaborates with the patient to develop a comprehensive treatment that will work even after the patient is done with the therapy. It is a time-limited approach to therapy that takes place over four to six sessions.

While other forms of counseling may specifically tell the patient what to do about a problem, with this treatment the therapist encourages the patient to understand the problem. Furthermore, the therapist will teach patients to make self-affirming statements that display their resolve to change. Motivational enhancement therapy sessions will then focus on the following tenets of the program:

  • Discussion and monitoring of the abstinence strategy
  • A commitment to maintaining abstinence
  • The patient’s success with sobriety

Choose Motivational Enhancement Therapy at San Antonio Recovery Center

Choosing to get help for a substance use disorder is one of the biggest steps a person can take to improve their physical and mental health. However, it is not always easy to find the motivation to take that step. A person struggling with a substance use disorder can often believe that recovery is out of reach for them. We at the San Antonio Recovery Center believe that every person is capable of change. Our mental health treatment facility offers motivational enhancement therapy and other comprehensive programs to suit every patient’s needs.

Every client receives the highest standard of care and we pay attention to their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. If you or someone you care about needs the confidence and self-belief to get sober, then call us at 866.957.7885 so we can help. Our compassionate and professional staff are ready to help you reach your goals of sobriety.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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