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The cycle of addiction is a severe challenge for millions of people. Successful treatment requires inner strength, commitment, and a proven system of treatment. San Antonio Recovery Center offers customized programs that cater to the needs of each client. We understand the cycle of addiction and work to help our clients break free from addiction and build the healthy coping skills they need for long-term recovery.

What Is The Cycle of Addiction?

The cycle of addiction begins with initial use. An individual might drink alcohol for the first time or receive a prescription for medication that will help relieve pain or stop panic attacks. However, this initial use can turn into abuse. The individual might begin to drink heavily or take their medication in ways other than as prescribed.

Abuse turns into tolerance dependence after some time. The individual needs to use more of the substance to feel the same effects. The body and brain begin to depend on the substance in order to function, and the individual will experience withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop using. Finally, they struggle with addiction, where even if they want to stop using drugs or drinking, they experience compulsions that cause them to continue to use.

Those who seek treatment for substance abuse might experience a period of sobriety but then relapse. Relapse does not mean that they will never maintain sobriety, but it indicates that they should try a different approach to treatment. Without healthy coping skills and relapse prevention strategies, those in recovery will struggle to stay out of the cycle of addiction.

The Cycle of Addiction Has Far-Reaching Effects

When you or a loved one is dealing with addiction, the effects spread far and wide. Addiction impacts not only clients but entire families. If not treated, the cycle of addiction is often passed down from one generation to the next.

Addiction recovery is never an easy process. It requires patience, inner strength, and a complete support system. The right rehab program provides an environment where the addict learns new habits and gets the support and tools to make lasting changes.

Helping Individuals Escape The Cycle of Addiction

San Antonio Recovery Center uses a variety of proven methods to help break the cycle of addiction:

  • We address all types of addiction, including alcohol and heroin.
  • We offer residential programs, inpatient drug rehab, and a 90-day treatment program.
  • Customized treatment programs for each client. We recognize that everyone's path to recovery is unique. We consider the medical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the client.
  • Treatment is affordable. We accept many types of insurance and work with clients to find practical payment solutions.
  • We encourage families to participate. Addiction affects the entire family. Our treatment approach includes family therapy and education.

Why San Antonio Recovery Center?

Treating the cycle of addiction requires a full-spectrum approach. You need to start with an accurate diagnosis and offer diverse treatment options for the whole person. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we combine the most effective addiction treatment models and provide a supportive environment.

The cycle of addiction affects a wide circle of people. Our clients have homes, jobs, families, and friends. That's why we take a comprehensive approach and include families in our treatment. We also provide ongoing support to help our clients succeed in the long term and avoid relapses. Our recovery services include therapy, 12-step meetings, and alternative support groups. As with all of our services, we determine what each client needs most.

Substance abuse issues seldom get better on their own. If you or a loved one is stuck in the cycle of addiction, the first step is to admit that you need help. If you're looking at Texas addiction rehab programs and want to find a program with a proven, personalized approach, you owe it to yourself or your loved ones to learn more about San Antonio Recovery Center. Call today at 866.957.7885, or contact us online.

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