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fMillions of people in the United States are diagnosed with or battling an alcohol use disorder (AUD). Completing treatment at an alcohol addiction center is a huge achievement, but recovery does not end there. Attending an Alcoholics Anonymous program is just another step in your sobriety journey. Being nervous for AA, however, isn't necessary.

Despite the many benefits, the thought of going to AA meetings can be nerve-wracking. In fact, it is normal for those about to start the program to feel anxious or have concerns. Keeping a positive mindset and understanding what to expect in AA can help tame your nerves.

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What Is Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a renowned fellowship of men and women who come together to share their personal experiences, inner strength, and unwavering hope with one another. This global program is dedicated to aiding individuals in overcoming their common struggles with alcoholism while providing invaluable support to others on their journey to recovery.

Built upon a foundation of time-tested principles, AA offers a comprehensive approach to sobriety. This internationally recognized program emphasizes the power of group support and the transformative potential of the 12-step philosophy. Through daily spiritual practices and a commitment to personal growth, individuals find solace and healing within this supportive community.

By incorporating the 12 Tradition principles, AA empowers individuals to confront and overcome their alcohol abuse. These principles provide a roadmap for personal transformation and serve as a guiding light on the path to recovery. With the power of these principles, countless individuals have found a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment, breaking free from the chains of alcohol addiction.

AA is a free aftercare program open to men and women passionate about abstinence. However, many Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are open to the public. This can make some individuals apprehensive about sharing their personal experiences with addiction. Fortunately, AA members remain anonymous. This helps protect you and your peers from the stigma of alcoholism, enhances participation, and promotes an overall positive experience.

Ways You Can Benefit from AA Meetings

If you're someone who experiences social anxiety and you're nervous for AA meetings, you may not like the idea of sober group meetings. It's normal for people to be shy, especially during their first visit. But the more you attend, the more relaxed and supported you should feel. Viewing Alcoholics Anonymous meetings as another way to improve your chance of long-term abstinence, can reduce jitters and boost your confidence. Additional benefits include:

  • Compassionate environment: Members are not there to judge but to support you. Together, you form a support system for each other. The compassion received help set the stage for renewing hope and regaining a sense of life purpose.
  • Shared experience: You'll realize your peers have similar addiction struggles. It can be relieving to know you're not alone and may inspire you to open up and share your personal experiences. Acknowledging addictive behaviors openly can also bring about a deep sense of healing.
  • Promote accountability: You'll be surrounded by people who will hold you accountable and help you reinforce your commitment to sobriety.

Attending an Alcoholics Anonymous 12-Step Program at a San Antonio Rehab

San Antonio Recovery Center is an addiction treatment center in San Antonio, Texas. We understand the fears individuals have about going to AA after leaving our residential or outpatient alcohol addiction rehab. To make you less nervous for AA, our therapists will integrate the 12-step principles into your personalized treatment, so you can participate in our on-site meetings.

Your therapist may recommend that you attend Alcoholics Anonymous sober meetings once or a few times a week depending on your needs. You will be in a safe, private, and non-judgmental setting with your peers. There will be opportunities to listen, learn, share, and discuss various topics related to addiction and plans for long-term recovery. Be prepared for a continuous flow of encouragement as you strive to end addiction for good.

These meetings are part of our approach to heal the "whole person." Participation can help prevent relapse, particularly when combined with other treatment programs and therapies such as:

Intensive Outpatient Program

This is a less structured form of outpatient care where you live at home but come to our facility for several hours of treatment each day.

90-day Treatment Program

This program is designed for individuals who need more time to heal and recover. It includes a higher level of care and support than our other programs.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

CBT is a type of therapy that helps individuals identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors.

Individual Counseling

You will work one-on-one with your therapist to address the underlying causes of addiction and develop healthy coping skills.

Experiential Therapy

This type of therapy uses various activities and exercises to help you process emotions, address traumas, and learn new coping skills.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

This is a 12-step program specifically for individuals addicted to drugs other than alcohol. It follows the same basic structure and principles as AA.

Join Our AA Meetings at San Antonio Recovery Center

There's no need to feel nervous for AA meetings. You have already successfully navigated the challenges of detox, withdrawal, and addiction treatment, proving your resilience. Now, as you embark on your journey to sobriety, remember that sober group meetings are an important part of your ongoing recovery. All it takes is your determination to stop drinking, and you will find the support and understanding you need.

To learn more, give us a call at 866.957.7885 or reach out to us online to speak with one of our compassionate admissions counselors. They are here to provide you with the guidance and information you seek.

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