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What Is Inpatient Rehab?

You may have wondered, “What is inpatient rehab?” Perhaps you heard about some celebrity going into inpatient rehab. Maybe you’ve got a friend who’s been an inpatient in a rehab facility before. Lastly, maybe you’re struggling with substance abuse and are considering rehab yourself.

Regardless of how you heard of it, inpatient rehab has piqued your curiosity. Read on below to find out more about it!

Residential Rehab Treatment

Inpatient rehab is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a rehabilitation treatment offered on an inpatient basis at a medical facility. This means that you check yourself in for a set period of time and receive treatment from professionals. The treatment is designed to address your substance abuse and related issues.

Because you’ve checked into the facility, treatment is typically intensive. It often lasts from morning until night, every day, until you’ve checked out. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll be working non-stop. But it does mean you’ll be attending programs and therapies throughout every day until you leave.

Detox During Residential Rehab

Over the course of an addiction, chemicals from the consumed substance cause the brain and body to adapt. At first, the body is unused to the presence of a substance, allowing for quick and potent highs. Over time, however, the body adjusts, and it takes more of a substance used more often to achieve the same high. As the body builds tolerance, the brain drives cravings, which in turn fuels the vicious cycle of addiction.

When a physical dependency is unfulfilled, the affected person undergoes withdrawal. Withdrawal is particularly severe for heavy users, and for users of alcohol, heroin, and benzos. This severity is dangerous not only to a person's health, but to their recovery. If a person undergoes withdrawal but has access to their substance of choice, the urge to relapse will be very strong. Withdrawal is the first, and perhaps the most difficult, roadblock to your recovery.

Since withdrawal is so severe, doctors strongly recommend against going through withdrawal alone, aka "cold turkey." Instead, doctors recommend that patients seek detox treatment. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we offer detox programs for alcohol and heroin, for both men and women.

Detox starts with withdrawal, lasting anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. The benefit of detox is that it takes place in a secure, medically monitored environment. Some withdrawal symptoms, like seizures or delirium tremens (for alcoholics), can be fatal if left untreated. Medical professionals monitor detox patients 24/7 to keep them comfortable and safe as their body purges the addictive substance.

What Is Inpatient Rehab's Effectiveness?

Inpatient rehab is effective for a number of reasons:

  • It removes you from your usual environment
  • You're surrounded by people undergoing similar struggles
  • It surrounds you with supportive professionals
  • Your family and friends involve themselves in your recovery
  • It combines multiple treatment modalities

Most of all, though, going through inpatient rehab is like hitting the reset button on your substance abuse. You’re allowed to get completely clean in a supervised, safe environment. And when you finish and go back home, you return with a running head start on your new life.

What Is Inpatient Rehab's Cost?

Select inpatient rehabs can be terribly expensive. However, that isn’t the case with many of them. Many rehabilitation facilities are moderately priced. You should also keep in mind two things when considering the cost of rehab:

  • The cost of continuing with your substance abuse
  • Your insurance coverage

The cost of continuing to use substances can be astronomical, both financially and personally. The costs are also borne by those close to you, like your children, parents, and spouse. The real question isn’t, “What is inpatient rehab going to cost me?” Instead, the question is “What will it cost me not to go to rehab?”

Finally, if you’re lucky enough to have insurance you may be partially or completely covered. In this case, you can look forward to receiving care without paying out of pocket.

We Can Help

If you’re considering a rehab facility, do yourself a favor and check out the San Antonio Recovery Center. We offer comprehensive and affordable programs designed to treat you as a person, and not just as a collection of symptoms. Find out about our:

What is inpatient rehab going to do for you? It just may be your ticket to a better life. Call us at 866.957.7885 so we can walk you through what we can do for you. You’ll be amazed at just how great life can be.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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