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Apart from causing a variety of health issues, chronic stress has been closely linked to addiction. The higher the level of stress, the more likely individuals are to fall back on unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as substance use. Since stress is an addiction trigger, identifying sources of stress and having healthy strategies to deal with them is crucial for recovery. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, reach out to San Antonio Recovery Center to learn about how we incorporate mindfulness-based stress reduction therapies into our addiction treatment programs.

For someone in addiction recovery, it is vital to eliminate sources of stress (to the extent possible) and avoid internal and external triggers. Although relapses are common and a natural part of the recovery process, learning from past mistakes and setbacks is essential. With the proper medication, therapy, and emotional support, lifelong sobriety is possible for everyone.

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Is Stress an Addiction Trigger for You?

Since addiction is a serious disease affecting both the body and the brain, long-term use of alcohol or drugs can impair cognitive functions, weaken one’s immune system and adversely affect day-to-day functioning. This results in a variety of mental and physical health disorders.

As a result, performing daily tasks, keeping up with deadlines and work pressure, and meeting family obligations can become very stressful and hectic. However, it is possible to break out of this vicious cycle.

Is stress an addiction trigger for you? Find out by truthfully answering yes/no to the following questions:

  • Do you go for binge-drinking sessions after a tiring day at work?
  • After an argument or a difficult conversation, do you find yourself reaching for the liquor bottle?
  • When you’re anxious or depressed, do you take more medication than prescribed?
  • Have you ever misused prescription medication?
  • Does your idea of unwinding after a long day involve booze and drugs?
  • Do you have cravings for alcohol and other substances when you’re under pressure?
  • Do you experience withdrawal symptoms frequently? If yes, do the symptoms worsen under stress?
  • Do you enjoy the feeling of intoxication because it drowns out the traumatic memories or negative emotions for a short while?

If you have answered yes to one or more of the above, the chances are that stress is an addiction trigger for you. Of course, not everyone under stress develops an addiction, but stress contributes to various mental and physical health complications, including substance use disorders.

Your next step should be to seek professional help. If stress is an addiction trigger for you, you should ideally work with a therapist on identifying sources of stress.

Identifying Sources of Stress

Adulthood is filled with obstacles and challenges. Spend some time evaluating your satisfaction and stress levels in the following areas of your life:

  • Family
  • Romantic and social relationships
  • Work
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Personal goals

Stress can have many causes. Perhaps, you are stressed because you’re not making enough time for yourself. Or you’re worried about your spouse’s health. Maybe, you are in a toxic relationship that you need to leave. Or, you’re stuck with a soul-sucking job that leaves you with no time or energy for anything else.

Once you’re done identifying sources of stress and possible triggers, you can brainstorm effective coping mechanisms with your therapist and even create contingency plans for high-risk scenarios.

Find Hope and Help at San Antonio Recovery Center

At SARC, we strive to create a safe, welcoming, and comfortable space for all clients in recovery.

From detox to aftercare, we provide a variety of services and therapies tailored to the patient’s case history, unique needs, and recovery goals. Every client receives the highest level of care, medical attention, and emotional support from our stellar staff. We offer both residential and outpatient treatment programs with multiple therapeutic options and individualized care.

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