what to expect from a partial hospitalization program

Millions of Americans suffer from substance use disorders each year. Getting help for a substance use disorder is always the best option, as trying to get sober alone can be an overwhelming experience. Those who have completed a residential treatment program are already on their way toward a brighter future. However, they’re not yet completely done with treatment, as there are varying levels of treatment that a patient will often go through. One of those levels is called a partial hospitalization program. This is one important facet of a comprehensive addiction therapy program to address the varying needs of different patients.

If you or someone you care about is ready for a partial hospitalization program in Texas, you can contact us now at 866.957.7885. Don’t let a substance use disorder take away your future. San Antonio Recovery Center offers various levels of care to meet your needs. Remember that everyone is different in recovery, and there is no one-size-fits-all treatment plan. Your journey to sobriety is going to be unique to your situation, and our team is ready to customize our plans to give you the best chance of success.

What to Expect From a Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial hospitalization programs or PHPs are similar to intensive outpatient programs. The patient does not need to stay at the treatment center full-time, and can usually go home once their treatment session is over. Where the two differ is in the amount of time the patient will spend at the treatment center. A person going through a PHP may spend four to six hours at the treatment center, five days a week. This is roughly double the amount of time they will spend in an intensive outpatient program. Because of the similarities, some facilities group together PHPs and intensive outpatient programs into one category of program called Level II.

Because the patient spends a significant amount of time in a PHP, they can be monitored very closely. At the same time, they can begin to transition back to a more normal work-life schedule. It is a way to bridge the gap between residential treatment and aftercare. If the patient does not show signs of improvement or if they relapse, they may be recommended to return to a residential treatment program.

Some therapies commonly used in a PHP include:

  • Employment assistance
  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy
  • 12-step program
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

A patient will usually spend two to three weeks in a PHP before they either move back to a residential treatment program or move on to aftercare.

Who Needs a PHP?

Some people enter PHPs directly, while others move into it from other levels of care. This type of treatment program may be useful for those who require extensive care but can remain sober outside the treatment facility. Patients who have completed a residential treatment program can use a PHP as a stepping stone to resuming their normal lives, while still getting the extensive support they need from trained professionals. Entering a PHP is also an option for those who are undergoing an intensive outpatient program yet feel at risk of imminent relapse.

Choose a Partial Hospitalization Program at San Antonio Recovery Center

San Antonio Recovery Center offers a complete continuum of care, including a partial hospitalization program for those who need it. We have a wide range of options to address your needs:

  • Residential or inpatient treatment programs
  • 90-day treatment programs
  • Intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization programs
  • Aftercare programs

Our licensed counselors will be able to guide you through the process. Recovery isn’t out of reach—it’s there so long as you choose to go for it. We’d be happy to help you work toward a sober and independent future.

If you want to learn more about the various treatment programs we offer, you can contact us at 866.957.7885. Our admissions team is standing by for your call.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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