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If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, you will find that there are distinct phases between the first use and moving toward recovery. When you start looking for addiction treatment therapy in San Antonio, TX, San Antonio Recovery Center is here to help. We understand the complex nature of addiction. Our caring counselors and medical staff are here to help you on your path to recovery.

Five Stages Of Addiction

Mental health and addiction professionals agree that there are five stages of addiction. Most individuals go through these stages as their addiction progresses.

1. The First Use of Drugs or Alcohol

The first use of a substance can look different from person to person. For a person who drinks alcohol, their first use might be a sip of beer at a high school party. For another person, it may be the first time they took painkillers following surgery. For some individuals, the first use of any addictive substance opens up the door to addiction. For others, a specific substance kicks the brain into addiction, while others do not. For example, a person that may have always been able to drink in moderation could become addicted to Xanax.

2. Continued Use

Continued use means that the user enjoyed how the substance first made them feel. People addicted to prescriptions may be sticking to the doctor's requirements by continuing to use the drug. Most people on the path to addiction notice that their substance of choice no longer makes them feel as good as it did the first time. This leads to the next stage of addiction.

3. Building Tolerance

In the middle of the stages of addiction, tolerance develops. The individual's body begins to tolerate the substance. They need more and more of the substance to feel a sense of a high. Individuals in this stage find themselves buying more and more of their substance of choice. For people addicted to prescription drugs, this may be the stage where they begin to get the drug through illegal means.

4. Dependence

In this stage, an individual who is struggling with addiction requires the drug to function. The person will experience alcohol or drug withdrawal symptoms if they go without the substance. It can be dangerous for a person to quit on their own at this point. Medical problems or death can arise from the sudden cessation of the use of benzos and alcohol.

5. Addiction

At this point, it's nearly impossible for the user to go without the drug. Many addicts report that they no longer enjoy using their substance of choice, but feel that they must continue to use to survive. Addicts find that their substance use causes serious life problems (such as family issues, financial problems, and/or loss of employment).

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