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Animal-assisted therapy is one of the holistic treatment options available to help men and women overcome drug addiction. Sometimes it can feel like people do not understand or want to help. However, having an animal by your side can make a big difference in your quality of life and your desire to overcome your addiction. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we offer this type of dog therapy as a way to support the natural healing process of your brain.

Benefits of Animal-Assisted Therapy

The goal of this type of therapy is to involve animals. That may include having a person help care for an animal. Other times, a dog may live at the location. Just having an animal around can offer many benefits to people, including the following:

1. They Reduce Stress

Animals help to reduce stress by encouraging the release of endorphins. Stress relief promotes the healing of the brain and body after drug addiction.

2. They Enable Relaxation

When a person is working with an animal, they are less defensive and more willing to open up. This care translates into a better level of care during therapy.

3. Some Pets Create a Sense of Safety

For some people, feeling safe is a big part of recovery, and it can be tough to develop. Animals help to create a sense of safety even if they are not big, bold dogs.

4. Models for Healthy Relationships

Incorporating animals into treatment allows people to learn how to improve their relationship skills. Working with a dog, for example, enables relationship building in humans by reteaching those skills of forming bonds and communicating.

5. Creating a Sense of Positivity

Those facing drug addiction often lack self-esteem or a positive outlook. Yet, that bleak outlook can impact the success of recovery. Animals can help to encourage a more positive outlook. That can help to promote recovery.

How Effective Is Animal-Assisted Therapy?

Research indicates that animals can provide many benefits to a person facing drug addiction. It can help to reduce pain and discomfort by encouraging play. Sometimes animals can help improve overall happiness in daily life by providing a way for people to interact without judgment. Animals can also provide a sense of positive reinforcement. They provide honest feedback to situations, and that can help people to change their negative behaviors.

Another critical component of the success and effectiveness of animal therapy is that people enjoy it. It brings in a layer of interest to a long day of working on addiction recovery. Many people connect with animals because they are not judgmental, and they are very accepting. That can improve addiction outcomes and make a recovery through stress and pain a bit easier.

Finally, animal therapy can also help to reduce anxiety and depression. Animals provide a sense of security that can be hard to find in challenging situations. This is especially true for those suffering from addiction who might feel isolated and alone. Through spending time with animals — even just grooming them or playing catch — individuals are able to relax and focus on their recovery. The presence of an animal can make a huge difference in the success of addiction recovery for many people.

The evidence indicates that this type of therapy is effective and beneficial for those struggling with substance abuse or addiction. It provides a way to cope with stressful situations, and it can help improve overall mental health by providing companionship, comfort, and acceptance. Animal-assisted therapy is a powerful tool that should be considered by those seeking addiction recovery.

Treatment Is Available at San Antonio Recovery Center

Animal-assisted therapy is one of the treatment options that we offer at San Antonio Recovery Center. This treatment, along with other types of therapy, may help a person to learn about themselves, develop strategies for managing addiction, and learn how to find happiness again. We encourage you to explore how this type of therapy may impact your health and wellbeing. When you reach out to our organization, make sure you let us know your interest in this type of therapy.

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Animal-assisted therapy is one of the services we offer to those receiving drug addiction treatment. If you are struggling with addiction, learn more about our animal-assisted therapy in Texas. You can get help from San Antonio Recovery Center by calling our team at 866.957.7885 or reaching out to us online.

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