Drug and alcohol recovery is a lifelong process, starting with treatment in a residential treatment or intensive outpatient rehabilitation program at a reputable facility, such as San Antonio Recovery Center, located in the heart of San Antonio, Texas. When committing to a drug and alcohol rehab center, it’s important to realize that recovery doesn’t end after the last day of the treatment program.

When choosing the right 90-day treatment program for your needs, it’s important to make an educated decision based upon what will work best for your ultimate recovery and lifelong sobriety.

90-Day-Treatment program

For many people, a 30- or 60-day program doesn’t seem long enough to fully prepare for life without drugs or alcohol. This is when a 90-day treatment program is a logical option.

In fact, both the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the Centers for Disease Control advise that in order for rehab to work for people with the diagnosis of substance use disorder entering a 90-day treatment program is necessary.

90-Day Treatment Program Process

Like any treatment for drug abuse or alcoholism, the recovery process in a 90-day treatment program involves six clear steps:

  1. Realization of the existing drug or alcohol problem, with the desire to make a change
  2. Determination of the best treatment program for your individual needs
  3. Gaining of support from loved ones and other sober individuals in your life, as part of treatment
  4. Maintenance of sobriety through control over triggers, cravings and responses to those, through an aftercare program and as part of skills acquired in your 90-day treatment program
  5. Beginning the building of your new life through thoughtful development of hobbies, socialization, volunteerism, setting of life goals and other steps
  6. Possible addiction relapse followed by regained momentum within sobriety

First deciding to make a change is where addiction recovery really begins. Typically, addicts arrive at a point of realization that their addictions and behaviors are destroying their lives and those of others. This becomes apparent to them, leading addicts to become more steadfast in gaining rehabilitation. Or, the loved ones of addicts realize that death or other major destruction of the addicts’ lives is imminent, justifying immediate action toward rehabilitation.

San Antonio Recovery Center’s 90-Day Treatment Program

When looking for the right treatment program to suit individual addicts’ needs, it may be determined that a 90-day treatment program offers the highest potential for long-term success in recovery. Our 90-day treatment program is affordable, based on a 12-step philosophy, and focused on recovery from alcoholism and heroin addiction.

San Antonio Recovery Center’s 90-day treatment program achieves recovery through a full spectrum of treatment methods. Accurate diagnosis of the addiction and underlying conditions leads to advanced treatment for those conditions within a supportive therapeutic environment. Feeling safe and comfortable within treatment means addicts are well cared for while gaining the much-needed rehabilitation.

At San Antonio Recovery Center in San Antonio, Texas, treatment plans are individually developed for each client’s medical, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. Family and other loved ones’ participation is highly encouraged through an array of recovery program inclusions. All of these facets of treatment in San Antonio Recovery Center’s 90-day treatment program work together to build a strong recovery foundation for the addicts’ best success in long-term sobriety.

Some components of a 90-day treatment program include:

  • New strategies for stress management
  • Understanding of the importance of socialization with positive, sober influencers
  • Acquisition of new interests for spending free time
  • Building of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Appreciation of good health and sober wellness
  • Development of an aftercare plan
  • Repair of broken relationships with family and other supportive loved ones

Start Your 90-Day Treatment Program Today

One treatment method or program doesn’t suit all addicts needing recovery. Whether you have decided that a 90-day treatment program is your best fit, or want to explore other options, we offer affordable, effective treatment programs suited to individual needs. Call San Antonio Recovery Center in Texas at 866-957-7885 now to discuss those options and start your life in recovery today.