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THC addiction comes mostly from excessive marijuana use. Many people find that the definition of excessive is personal. However, 30% of those who use marijuana have a use disorder. Therefore, your answer to needing a THC addiction treatment or not depends on your circumstances.

Many people try and fail at quitting marijuana use on their own. And still, others continue to use THC and increase usage when their tolerance builds up. If you feel that your use of THC has gotten out of hand, then you should seek marijuana addiction treatment.

What Is THC Addiction?

THC is the active component of marijuana that produces psychological effects. This chemical in weed makes you want to stay at home all day and not work due to decreased motivation. Some people experience severe anxiety or paranoia from excessive marijuana use.

Though marijuana is legal in many states for medicinal or recreational uses, you can still overdo it on this drug. For a comparison, alcohol and prescription drugs are also legal to take in normal amounts but are often misused. Just because marijuana may be legal where you live does not mean that you cannot develop an addiction to it.

Marijuana use does not always cause severe physical problems that opioids and other drugs do, but it can cause major life disruptions. For adults who enter marijuana addiction treatment programs, their average use has been daily for a decade. They also averaged six failed attempts at quitting on their own.

Marijuana misuse is often underestimated. However, addiction treatment programs are commonly necessary to recover.

Do I Need THC Addiction Treatment?

If you experience any of the following symptoms of a marijuana use disorder, then you should seek treatment:

  • You cannot stop using THC-containing products or marijuana
  • Withdrawal symptoms appear when you don't use the drug
  • To get high, you need larger amounts of the drug
  • You have tried to quit and can't

Deciding if you need THC addiction treatment means carefully assessing yourself and seeking a professional consultation. If you find that you chose to use THC-containing products or smoke weed instead of going out with friends or going to work or school, you have a problem. Choosing to use any drug over obligations or enjoyable activities is a sign that the drug has control over your life.

If you feel that you have a problem, you are not alone. In fact, four million Americans met the criteria for marijuana use disorder. Unfortunately, only 138,000 sought treatment. Make the decision to become a member of the group seeking treatment to take back your life from the drug.

What Kind of Treatment Can I Get?

Quitting on your own is difficult because you may not know how to do it or what to do with your time not using THC products. For instance, how will you spend time at a party if you are the only person not smoking weed? Questions like this are among those that treatment at a rehab center can help you with.

Recovery centers also have the resources to help you to deal with other substance use disorders or underlying mental health disorders that you may have. These both frequently accompany excessive THC use, and you may not even recognize them in yourself. Some of the possible treatments you could have at a recovery center include the following:

When you contact San Antonio Recovery Center by calling 866.957.7885, we can help you to understand when THC addiction treatment is needed. We're here to help you to regain the control you lost from THC use. Take back your life and learn to live without drug use.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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