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In April, a variety of public service announcements will educate the public on problem drinking. Alcohol Awareness Month kicks off with a no-drink weekend. Will this be the year that you take the challenge? Most importantly, do you think you can pass it?

Alcohol Awareness Month Educates and Challenges

For some, April will be an eye-opening month. Texas alcohol addiction rehab programs, as well as public health venues, warn that problem drinking is more prevalent than you think. For many, the fear of stigma holds them back from seeking help. Others compare themselves to friends or family members when trying to decide if they have a problem.

That’s why Alcohol Awareness Month is an excellent opportunity to take stock. Is it possible that you have an alcohol use disorder? Even if you drink less than someone else you know, you might be at risk. Begin the month with the challenge of not having a drink that first weekend.

I Have an Alcohol Use Disorder; Now What?

You’re not supposed to drink any alcoholic beverages Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Can you do it? Did you do it? Was it difficult?

Maybe you woke up to alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Perhaps you caved early and had to have a drink. You kept thinking about it and just couldn’t get your mind off the alcohol. Alcohol Awareness Month might be the wakeup call you need to acknowledge that you have a drinking problem.

Entering men or womens alcohol addiction rehab could be the right solution. With the help of professional intervention, you learn how to overcome the condition. Most importantly, you find out what made you susceptible to developing a drinking problem in the first place.

Rehab Offers Support and Solutions

Check into a facility and work with addiction specialists to put together a care protocol. Possible options include:

  • 12 Step program participation for personal development and growth
  • Residential treatment that gives you an opportunity to rest, relax and spend time healing
  • Extended care for clients who need additional time to heal
  • Intensive outpatient care as a step-down for inpatient program graduates
  • Behavioral treatments that help you develop healthy coping mechanisms to replace dysfunctional patterns
  • Family counseling, which helps with difficult conversations, codependency issues, and possible enablement by loved ones

Because an alcohol use disorder is a progressive condition that’ll only get worse, it’s time to act. The availability of women and mens alcohol addiction rehab enables you to enter a good-quality program. If you don’t act, there’s a good chance that the addiction will harm your health. It might even kill you.

Contact San Antonio Recovery Center Today

Rehab facilities empower you to begin the process of long-term recovery. You don’t have to continue struggling with an alcohol habit. Most importantly, you don’t have to keep guessing whether you have a problem. You can find out for sure and then do something about it.

Make this year’s Alcohol Awareness Month the time that you take action. The San Antonio Recovery Center wants to be by your side. Call 866-957-7885 today to schedule an intake appointment.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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