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Addiction is a thief that steals love and light from the individual while also compromising her or his ability to live and work productively. Unfortunately, addiction is robbing millions of people all over the world every day. If you're currently struggling with drug addiction or know someone who is, now is the time for you to do something about it. One great way to get the growth process underway is by engaging in drug education activities. Learn more about how programs like the National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week can help you get on the road to fast recovery.

Substance Abuse Education: Why?

In many cases, individuals hear that things like drug and alcohol education can be the key that unlocks the door to an individual's healing from addiction. If you've heard this statement before but don't understand what it really means, know that educational programming functions as a medium through which individuals gain more information about key topics such as factors that lead to drug addiction and the unique challenges that individuals experience as they acknowledge and eventually overcome their substance abuse issues. Through substance abuse education, individuals can often avoid addiction or overcome it with greater speed.

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

National Drug And Alcohol Facts Week is a form of educational programming designed to provide individuals with the knowledge they need to get illicit substances and alcohol out of their lives. During this special week, students gain information that will dispel the myths disseminated through various media outlets. Some of those media outlets can include movies, TV, social media, and the internet. There is also a wide range of programs that are launched during this week to make the entire process engaging. Some of them include:

Drugs and Alcohol Chat Day

Drugs and Alcohol Chat Day is an important National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week program. This program is a live annual online chat that transpires between NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) scientists and students. The conversation enables students around the country to ask questions regarding illicit substances and alcohol. Questions may pertain to the effects of doing drugs and alcohol, the underlying factors that lead to addiction, and how to be of assistance to close friends or family members who are currently struggling with substance abuse issues.

State-Based Programming

Each state can feature its own unique educational programs. These help to empower individuals and communities to keep drugs out of their lives. For example, the state of Arizona will host an informational setting at Prescott Library. The informational session will include an exploration of the latest scientific knowledge regarding both illegal and legal illicit substances.

Also note that Standley Lake High School in Westminster, Colorado will host five events. One subject will be discussed each day, with each event featuring printables and informational booklets. Topics discussed may include tobacco/vaping, hallucinogens, stimulants, depressants, and narcotics.

Getting Help

In addition to gaining help through National Drug and Alcohol Week, individuals who want to end their drug addiction can obtain assistance by enrolling in a rehab facility. The ideal facility will feature comprehensive services, some of which include:

  • Holistic and alternative therapies (spirituality, recreational therapy, and yoga)
  • Behavioral therapy (family therapy, group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy)
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Pharmacological therapy
  • Continuing addiction therapy services

San Antonio Recovery Center

People should know that they can make it happen by attaining substance abuse-related information during National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week. They can also obtain professional treatment services through the professionals of San Antonio Recovery Center. Contact the professionals of this organization at 866-957-7885 to get your life going and growing immediately!

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