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As of 2021, cocaine is the 2nd leading cause of drug-related deaths in Texas. Drug deaths come from overdoses. If someone was overdosing in front of you right now, would you be able to identify the signs?

Our team here at San Antonio Recovery Center has years of experience in the field of substance use. We’re dedicated to educating our community, so today we’re talking about the signs of cocaine overdose. 

The Common Physical and Behavioral Signs of a Cocaine Overdose

To know how to address a cocaine overdose, you first must be able to spot the signs of it. These signs can tell you when it’s time to be concerned about a loved one (or even yourself).

Cocaine overdoses have physical and behavioral side effects. Let’s take a look at the most common ones that occur during an overdose.

Physical Side Effects

Chest/abdomen pain



Irregular breathing


Behavioral Side Effects

Extreme anxiety


Paranoia and/or agitation

Feelings of panic


Not every person will experience every side effect. Others might also experience side effects such as lashing out, spikes in body temperature, kidney failure, or stroke. If you notice any combination of these side effects, should you be concerned?

are cocaine overdoses dangerous

Are Cocaine Overdoses Dangerous?

As stated in the intro, cocaine is highly involved in drug-related deaths here in Texas. Needless to say, cocaine overdoses can be dangerous, but why exactly? First, let’s talk about what an overdose is.

Overdoses occur when your body has too much of one or multiple substances in its system at a given time. When this happens, the body can start to become overwhelmed and shut down. This period and the side effects that come along with it are known as an “overdose.”

Since cocaine is a stimulant, too much of it can lead to the body behaving too quickly. This is where side effects like irregular breathing, tremors, and chest pain often stem from. Chest pain is frequently combined with a rapid or irregular heartbeat.

Additionally, this stimulation in high doses can contribute to long-term heart problems, kidney failure, and increased risk of stroke and seizures. These can lead to long-term damage or even death in the right circumstances.

Are There Risk Factors for Cocaine Overdoses?

While overdoses stem from high concentrations of a substance or substances in the body at a time, other risk factors can make the odds of overdose higher.

The biggest risk factor for experiencing an overdose is long-term cocaine use or a cocaine use disorder. The more frequently you engage with the substance, the higher your tolerance becomes, so you feel the need to take more to get the same results. The continued increase in dosage leads to a higher risk of overdose.

Along with that comes polysubstance use. Polysubstance use is when you have two or more substances in your body at the same time, knowingly or unknowingly. Even those who don’t try multiple drugs at a time, or who don’t mix cocaine with alcohol, can encounter polysubstance use due to things like fentanyl lacing.

what can you do to help with a cocaine overdose

The Best Way to Prevent a Cocaine Overdose – Treatment Options for Cocaine Use in Texas

Whether reading this article has opened your eyes to something in your life, or you sought it out due to experiencing an overdose recently, we’re here to help. The best way to prevent an overdose from happening is to reach out for recovery.

Recovery can seem overwhelming at times, but you’re not alone in this. It’s always possible, no matter what your history is with substance use. Quality cocaine addiction rehab programs are available for you, right now, here in San Antonio, Texas.

Our team at San Antonio Recovery Center is here to help whenever you’re ready. With an 8 to 1 patient-to-therapist ratio, we make sure you get the hands-on care and support you deserve. Even after you leave our doors, you’ll have continued connection and access to resources through our alumni program. We’re happy to help you get started or answer any questions you may have. Just give us a call at 866-957-7885.

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