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Addiction can be a difficult battle to overcome. While medication and therapy have proven to be effective, holistic approaches are gaining more attention for their numerous physical and mental health benefits. Among holistic therapies, yoga therapy in addiction treatment has had plenty of success stories. Let's discuss how yoga therapy benefits those struggling with addiction.

Do You Need Holistic Addiction Therapy?

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment can take many forms, but holistic approaches have been gaining momentum in recent years. Holistic therapy embraces the idea that body, mind, and spirit all play an equal role in well-being. Drug and alcohol addiction often involves both physical and emotional struggles. Hence, treating addiction holistically can help individuals in recovery heal and progress toward their best selves.

What Is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy for addiction is the combination of specific yoga poses, meditation, and breathing techniques to release tension and improve well-being. Yoga is not just a physical practice but involves mindfulness and awareness. Therefore, it's great for anyone looking to achieve a greater sense of clarity and lower stress. Yoga therapy aims to calm the mind, body, and spirit.

What Is a Typical Session of Yoga Therapy Like?

A typical yoga therapy class involves guided movement and breathwork led by a trained yoga therapist. Yoga therapy sessions are focused on improving physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. During a session, the therapist will note the participant's progress and adjust the practice accordingly to meet their specific needs.

Participants will be guided through deep breathing, slow movements, and stretches meant to target the main muscle groups of the neck, shoulders, hips, and back. Participants are also trained on more focused breathing techniques like pranayama, with visualizations or mantras to help them find inner calmness.

Unique Benefits of Yoga Therapy

Relieve Stress and Tension

Yoga therapy is an effective tool to release the mental and physical stress that accompanies addiction recovery.

Develop Mindfulness

Yoga therapy trains the brain to stay grounded in the present moment. This helps participants acknowledge their bodily sensations and thoughts without getting carried away with them.

Improved Immunity

Yoga therapy can help protect against stress-induced diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart problems.

Physical Healing

Yoga therapy can improve physical health, strength, and flexibility. These benefits make it easier for people in addiction recovery to exercise, utilize, and optimize their bodies.

Emotional Healing

Yoga therapy can be a great tool to help heal emotional wounds from addiction. As emotions arise during the yoga practice, it is necessary to process them in a safe and supportive environment.

Release Negative Thoughts and Behaviors

Yoga therapy can help people change negative thought patterns and promote positivity. This provides a sense of balance and calmness that can help individuals in addiction recovery learn how to deal with negative emotions and self-doubts.

Get Help Today from San Antonio Recovery Center

At San Antonio Recovery Center, we take a holistic approach to addiction recovery. This includes incorporating a yoga therapy program that provides a non-judgmental and peaceful environment for individuals to start their healing journey. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, give us a call today to learn more about our treatment programs.

While traditional therapies have their place in addiction treatment, it's worth considering the holistic approach of yoga therapy. This powerful practice offers many unique benefits that help address the root causes of addiction. Yoga therapy can help individuals in recovery to live a more balanced, centered, and peaceful life. Contact San Antonio Recovery Center today at 866.957.7885 or reach out online to learn more about how yoga therapy can help you or your loved one today.

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