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Why Choose San Antonio Recovery Center

If you’re looking for recovery, here’s why our San Pedro location could be right for you:

  • We have flexible outpatient services to provide ongoing recovery help while you’re addressing obstacles in your everyday life.
  • We have the largest alumni network in San Antonio, so you can receive peer support and build new friendships along the way.
  • We have an alumni app to help you stay connected, even when you’re not at our facility.
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Offering Partial Hospitalization (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP)

Substance and alcohol use disorders impact people of all ages and lifestyles. When those managing these disorders decide to take the first steps toward recovery, our San Pedro location can help.

Our team here at San Antonio Recovery Center (SARC) knows that clients have different needs when it comes to recovery, and we want to address those needs within our programs. Our partial hospitalization (also known as day treatment) and intensive outpatient programs provide ongoing support and flexibility while helping those on the journey of recovery.

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Addiction Treatment Through SARC in San Antonio

Our SARC team knows it’s not uncommon for clients to have concerns in more than one area of their lives, whether that means substance use, alcohol use, mental health conditions, or all three. Our trained and compassionate team is highly qualified to address and treat all of these concerns.

Alcohol Rehab

Recovery from long-term alcohol use often comes with strong withdrawal side effects – some of which can leave clients in pain or drive them to return to use. Our medical detox program offers clients a safe environment to manage withdrawals while being surrounded by caring, medical professionals. This lays a strong foundation for long-term recovery. From there, we work with clients through our program, from RTC to PHP and IOP. This continued and ongoing support helps build the skills and confidence all clients deserve to have for their recovery.

Drug Rehab

Drug rehab can range from substances such as benzodiazepines to opioids and methamphetamines. For those recovering from substance use disorders such as opioids, benzodiazepines, and more, our medical detox program assists in a safe withdrawal process, much like it can for those recovering from alcohol use. From there, many clients like to move on to our drug rehab program where they begin to learn the skills they need to meet their recovery goals.

Detox Programs

Our detox program is designed to help you safely detox from any substance. Surrounded by medical professionals, your comfort and safety will be prioritized during your time here. The amount of time spent in detox will vary depending on what substances are in your system, your history of substance use, and other factors like metabolism and age. Our professional staff will help make sure you get the time you need to start your healing journey.

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Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


Our Programs at San Pedro

Our San Pedro facility offers both partial hospitalization programs (PHP) and intensive outpatient programs (IOP). These work well for clients who need more flexibility in their schedule for treatment, or who want continued support after they finish inpatient programming. Oftentimes, the biggest hurdles for clients come up after they’ve left the facility, as things in their lives can act as “triggers” for substance use. Having that support to turn to can make addressing these triggers much easier.

Our PHP and IOP programs utilize the same teachings and beliefs that our inpatient programming does. We know that there is no “one-size-fits-all” way to address addiction. Clients have their own unique needs and concerns. This is why we offer a variety of treatment programs that are evidence-based and holistic, striving to heal more than just the mind, but the body and spirit, too.

Our approach is founded in 12-step methods with an integration of other modalities. We offer treatments such as dual diagnosis, CBT, group and individual therapies, and more. We want to see clients build a strong foundation for ongoing recovery, and we want to provide them with the tools they need moving forward.

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There is no wrong time to start addressing addiction. Our team at SARC is prepared to help clients whenever they’re ready to take that first step. We also help incoming patients navigate coverage options and offer free assessments, information, and tour scheduling 24/7. Your needs are our number one priority.

San Antonio Recovery Center works with clients to address all of their needs by offering individualized treatment plans. To get started, call 866-957-7885. The SARC team is here and ready whenever you are.

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