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Drug withdrawal apprehension keeps a lot of people from getting the necessary help needed for recovery. There are many withdrawal symptoms one can experience during detox depending on the substances in their system. However, drug detox centers provide a safe and comfortable setting for common drug withdrawal symptoms.

Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Uncomfortable symptoms occur when you stop taking drugs after developing dependency. Overall, every drug has its own unique set of symptoms. However, some drug withdrawal symptoms appear after people stop taking even the mildest substances.

Common withdrawal symptoms range from mild to life-threatening. The longer you take certain drugs, the stronger your symptoms become. For your convenience, below is a list of some of the most common withdrawal symptoms.

Mild Symptoms

Mild withdrawal doesn't usually cause life-threatening symptoms. Instead, it simply makes you feel uncomfortable. For example, common mild symptoms include vomiting, shakiness, and anxiety.

Often, people become edgy or irritable during mild withdrawal as well. Mood swings and outbursts can make loved ones uncomfortable and concerned during the process.

Other common drug withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Muscle pain
  • Excessive hunger or loss of appetite
  • Lethargy and fatigue
  • Restlessness
  • Stomach cramps
  • Disorientation
  • Racing thoughts

Severe Symptoms

Severe withdrawal symptoms are much more extreme. These also include struggling with mental health disorder symptoms. For example, people tend to experience depression, confusion, and extreme rage. However, a handful of these problems are physical, such as a temporary loss of sight and hearing.

Life-Threatening Symptoms

In some cases, withdrawal becomes life-threatening. One example is through delirium tremens, which occurs as people withdrawal from long-term alcohol addiction. Other conditions cause seizures and could lead to death.

Additionally, vomiting is also a life-threatening symptom causing dehydration, which could lead to kidney damage and failure.

An often overlooked cause of death from drug withdrawal is an overdose. When someone immediately relapses after withdrawal, they take a high dose after their tolerance level dropped.

Without quick action from medical professionals, these symptoms can result in death.

A Detox Center Can Help

Although the idea of going through withdrawal keeps many from seeking treatment, a detox center can ease withdrawal severity. Sometimes taking the edge off means administering medication. Other times, it simply means enhancing your comfort.

In either case, seeking professional detox help is crucial. If you try to detox alone, your chances of relapse increase significantly. Additionally, detox centers provide 24-hour support in a drug-free setting. This supervision prevents relapse, which unfortunately means starting the whole process over again.

Many detox centers work closely with addiction rehab centers to make the transition between programs smoother. Rather than the final destination, detox is the beginning of a long journey. Ultimately, those who don't seek rehab after detox likely relapse.

There are also specialized addiction treatment programs to individualize your rehab experiences. Depending on the substance abuse, treatments offered include:

Get Affordable Treatment for Addiction

At San Antonio Recovery Center, we pride ourselves on offering affordable care to all our clients. We create custom treatment plans for everyone who enters our facility. From the specific substances abused to the different levels of care, our team of addiction specialists individualize your treatment plan.

The different programs we offer include:

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