You may be wondering what polysubstance abuse is. Simply put, it is when more than one substance is being abused. The danger is that the combinations of substances only magnify the effects of addiction and can be even more dangerous when used together versus when they are used on their own. In addition, trying to stop the use of these substances once addiction sets in is nearly impossible to do on your own. Entering a polysubstance abuse rehab at a treatment facility like SARC will get you back on track to leading a healthier and happier life. Call us today at 866-957-7885 to find out more.

Dangers of Polysubstance Abuse

Taking drugs or consuming alcohol for recreational use, or to self-medicate, is a dangerous practice. Taking more than one substance at a time only amplifies this danger. In some cases, an addiction can develop to a drug that has been medically prescribed by a doctor to help someone. Unfortunately, the prescribed drug use can be abused as dependence grows. No one should ever be using multiple drugs without medical supervision, and even then addiction can arise. To end the cycle of addiction and polysubstance abuse, medical intervention is needed.

As people use drugs and experience different euphoric or numbing effects, they may start to look for other substances to get the same effect. What they do not realize is that each drug has its own unique properties and risks that can be even worse when taken together. Because these drugs are taken without the guidance of a doctor, people are unaware of the risks they face with polysubstance use. When someone finally does seek help, withdrawing from using multiple substances is harder than withdrawing from one substance. It’s a very difficult process and it should be done under supervision as part of a professional treatment program.

Searching for Polysubstance Abuse Rehab?

Managing the withdrawal from multiple substances is one of the hardest parts of a polysubstance abuse rehab program. The side effects of withdrawal alone are what cause many people to relapse when they try to do it on their own. Having a structured program in a safe and comfortable environment, alongside supervision from professionals, is the best path for someone struggling. A detox program like this is part of a residential treatment program. There are also outpatient options if the addictions are not as severe.

A medical detox encompasses around-the-clock care to ensure each client’s safety as they go through the withdrawal process. Knowing you will be well taken care of on your treatment journey can ease the anxiety around addiction for both you and your family and friends who are supporting you on this journey. In some cases, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) may be necessary to help manage some of the most severe withdrawal symptoms. Once detox is complete, a personalized treatment plan will be followed utilizing a variety of therapies to get each person on the road to a successful recovery.

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Addiction is a vicious cycle and sometimes one addiction can lead to another. The dangers of polysubstance abuse put a user at incredible risk of even more serious medical conditions than just the addiction itself. The biggest—and very real— risk is that of overdose and resulting death. Once addicted, it is very hard to stop using drugs on your own. Getting professional treatment for polysubstance abuse will give you, or a loved one, the greatest chance at a successful recovery.

Through a combination of traditional and experiential therapies, a polysubstance abuse rehab can treat the entire physical, emotional, and spiritual person. Reach out to San Antonio Recovery Center today at 866-957-7885 or complete our online contact form.

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