Nearly 50% of all overdose deaths that happen in Texas are directly caused by fentanyl. This is nearly double the amount of overdoses related to fentanyl that occurred in 2021.

At San Antonio Recovery Centers, we believe one person dying due to fentanyl is too many. Our team is dedicated to your or your loved one’s comfort and recovery, with one therapist for every eight people in treatment. It’s only through individualized care that we can empower people to heal from fentanyl use disorders and live happy, fulfilling lives, and we’re passionate about providing it.

The first step of recovery is fentanyl detox. It isn’t an easy step to take for anyone seeking treatment. Maybe you’ve lived with a fentanyl use disorder for years and tried to quit without succeeding so far. Maybe someone you love takes fentanyl illicitly, and you’re worried for their life. Whatever your reason for coming to this page, you’re in the right place to begin the journey to recovery.

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What We Treat: Fentanyl Withdrawal and Detox

A detox program involves a stay at an addiction recovery center with 24/7 medical monitoring. Skilled medical staff will oversee your withdrawal process, ensuring you get through it safely, while helping to make symptoms more manageable. Sometimes you will receive medications to make withdrawal symptoms less severe.

People with fentanyl use disorders experience withdrawal symptoms when they don’t take fentanyl. These can start as soon as eight hours after the last dose, and are painful to go through alone.

What to Expect from San Antonio Recovery Center's Fentanyl Detox Program

When you enter our detox program, you’ll find a warm atmosphere and compassionate staff who are eager to help you heal from fentanyl use disorder. During detox, you’ll be closely monitored during your withdrawal process. We will help you safely manage symptoms in a supervised setting. Our medical detox program usually lasts from five to seven days, but rest assured that you or your loved one will be well taken care of until the process is complete.

Medications to Ease Fentanyl Withdrawal

We may utilize medications to help your withdrawal process and manage cravings so you can focus fully on your recovery.

The primary medication we utilize is buprenorphine. It binds to the same receptors as fentanyl, but only partially activates them, making it a safer and effective tool to manage withdrawal. 

Other medications we utilize, as needed, are Vivitrol, Subclade, and the ST Genesis. You will work with our medical team to determine what medications will suit your specific needs. 

Trying to detox from fentanyl without medical help is painful, difficult, and dangerous. Often, the withdrawal symptoms are intense, and the person in withdrawal will return to fentanyl use to provide relief. Anyone in this situation is not weak or incapable of finding recovery. Fentanyl changes the brain and withdrawal symptoms can be excruciating.

The biggest risk of trying to detox from home is that if the attempt isn’t successful, the chance of overdose is higher. Cravings may be so strong that it seems like you need a larger dose, and your body’s tolerance will be lower than it was before you attempted to quit taking fentanyl.

If you suspect a fentanyl overdose, call for medical help right away. Texas’s Good Samaritan Law will make sure no one seeking help in the event of an overdose will get in legal trouble.

Everyone’s fentanyl withdrawal timeline will be different based on their fentanyl habits, but there is an estimated timeline that you can refer to.

Fentanyl withdrawal will begin 8-24 hours after the last dose. Withdrawal is usually at its worst from the 36-72 hour mark and typically lasts for 7-10 days total. It’s possible to experience less severe withdrawal symptoms for weeks or longer, though. Withdrawal symptoms improve significantly with treatment.

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Fentanyl Detox and Rehab at San Antonio Recovery Center

Trying to detox from fentanyl alone is incredibly challenging, and in some cases, dangerous. Thankfully, support and fentanyl addiction treatment is available. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to seek help, but it’s the first step toward a fentanyl-free life. We encourage you to take it.

Providing support to those with substance use disorders is San Antonio Recovery Centers’ mission. We have the largest alumni in San Antonio, and stay involved in their lives even after they leave treatment with us. For more on how to start treatment with us, call us at 866-957-7885.

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What does protracted withdrawal symptoms mean?

Protracted withdrawal symptoms occur outside of the expected withdrawal timeline. They can last months to years, but treatment for the substance use disorder responsible for them will usually make them go away.

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