evidence of current heroin epidemic Texas is suffering from

Texas is in the grip of a heroin problem. Experts don’t predict an end to the heroin epidemic any time soon. That said, there are solutions to the problem. Here’s what you need to know about the current heroin epidemic Texas is going through.

How Bad Is The Heroin Epidemic Texas Is Struggling With?

The Steve Hicks School of Social Work defines the heroin epidemic Texas deals with as being in flux. Overdose deaths are not as high as in other places. This is because there is currently a rise in the use of black tar heroin. This type of heroin doesn't have the fentanyl in it. However, any kind of heroin is still highly addictive and dangerous.

There’s also more of a variety now entering the state. Moreover, officials have noticed that methamphetamine dealers are switching over to dealing heroin.

Combating Heroin Takes Place One Case at a Time

There are public outreaches and education programs to counteract the heroin epidemic Texas officials are tracking. But the actual fight against the drug takes place in centers for addiction treatment. There, victims of a heroin addiction work to overcome the cravings. Experts have seen good outcomes with 90-day rehab programs for severe substance abuse problems.

Typical modalities include:

  • 12 Step meetings that introduce you to accountability and relapse prevention
  • Pharmacological support that can assist with cravings control to help you focus on behavioral treatment
  • Nutritional counseling as a means for regaining your physical health and giving you a vision for wellness
  • One-on-one talk therapy that gives you the opportunity to work through your situation with an addiction treatment specialist
  • Process group sessions, which allow for addiction education and coping skills development

Therapists will customize care that meets your unique needs and addiction profile. Some program participants present with a dual diagnosis, which calls for concurrent treatment of a co-occurring condition. Others are still dealing with traumatic situations from the past, which expert care can help you overcome.

There’s no shortcut to healing. Therapists help you along the way, but you determine how fast the process should go. Nobody can rush you. Moreover, there’s no wrong way to heal as long as you’re moving forward.

Finding Quality Help at San Antonio Recovery Center

Texas is big. It’s easy to say that there’s no good-quality rehab Austin residents can find. However, that’s not true. Austin heroin addiction sufferers can travel the short distance to San Antonio for help.

There, you can end your part of the heroin epidemic by connecting with counselors at the San Antonio Recovery Center. Addiction treatment counselors will work with you to overcome the substance abuse problem. You live at the facility, which makes getting treatment convenient. Call 866-957-7885 today to reserve your spot.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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