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When someone is suffering from a substance use disorder, their entire family unit is affected. Working on relationships as part of addiction treatment is an important (and necessary) part of a successful recovery. Addiction fosters secrecy, lies, conflict, and breakdowns in communication that are hard to repair without professional intervention. Therefore, it may be difficult for family members and loved ones to understand how severely addiction impacts the individual. To learn more about the benefits of family therapy as part of a family therapy program, contact San Antonio Recovery Center at 866.957.7885.

Benefits of Family Therapy

Having a safe space to share feelings, emotions, and private struggles among family can help the one battling the substance use disorder, as well as all family members who participate. The benefits of family therapy are many, including:

1. Open Conversation

Being able to openly engage with therapeutic professionals is an effective tool in managing treatment and recovery to avoid a relapse. Strained family relationships and unhealthy learned behaviors can oftentimes lead to a substance use disorder. Fortunately, family therapy is a way to constructively take accountability.

2. Family Inclusion

Including family as part of the treatment and healing process can help rebuild relationships and create a sober support network that you know you will be able to count on when needed. It can be hard for the family to understand what a person is going through when dealing with an addiction. Family can include parents, siblings, and significant others. They are able to share their feelings and listen to those shared by their loved ones as well.

3. A Healthier Lifestyle

Mental, emotional, and physical well-being are a priority when going through treatment for addiction. Healthy communication is also part of the mix. Being able to talk about issues and work to improve relationships is a key component of family therapy sessions. Sessions are led by professional therapists and participation from all family members is strongly encouraged. Furthermore, they provide an opportunity to air grievances in a safe space. Getting uncomfortable is part of the process to get to the end result of improved relationships and healthier ways of dealing with stress.

Family Therapy Program for Addiction

Family therapy works on opening up the lines of communication between the person struggling with a substance use disorder and their family members. Broaching difficult subjects is expected and encouraged as part of the therapeutic process. It can be an emotional roller coaster that brings up anger and old wounds, but it can also lead to understanding and forgiveness.

Involving family in the addiction treatment recovery process can look different depending on the situation. Family therapy allows family members a chance to work on healing old wounds and help develop healthier ways of living for the addicted individual and for the family.

Family therapy works to address:

  • Unhealthy choices
  • Communication skills
  • Conflicts
  • Closeted family issues
  • Accountability
  • Achieving forgiveness
  • A supportive recovery
  • Damaged relationships

Reach Out to San Antonio Recovery Center about Family Therapy

Family therapy can repair relationships and help families heal through constructive sessions focused on giving everyone the tools to get the affected person to the goal of lifelong sobriety. Facing hard truths can be a difficult undertaking. But hard work brings the rewards needed to overcome the triggers of addictions and live a healthier lifestyle.

In addition to family therapy, SARC also offers:

  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR)
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Animal-assisted therapy
  • Holistic therapy
  • Yoga therapy
  • Trauma therapy

The benefits of family therapy are many with the right investment of time and effort. Reach out to our professional and caring treatment team today at 866.957.7885.

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