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Many teenagers likely think that they are invincible, that little or nothing can harm them, including illicit drugs. The facts prove otherwise and indicate the staggering details of teen substance abuse. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we recognize the dangers and need for treatment in cases of addiction in teens.

Teens and Substance Abuse

The staggering statistics related to teens and abuse of drugs likely shocks many parents and possibly proves surprising to many teenagers. Although a large number of teenagers do not have substance abuse issues, they likely know other teens that do have substance use issues. They also may know exactly where to go if they wanted to get drugs, including alcohol.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals statistics related to drug use among teenagers, including:

  • Approximately two-thirds of all teens have tried alcohol by the 12th grade
  • Around 50 percent of teenagers have used marijuana
  • An estimated two of every 10 students in the 12th grade has used prescription drugs without a prescription written for them
  • When teenagers drink alcohol they are more likely to continue to abuse substances later in life
  • 15 percent of all teens admit to using illicit or injected drugs including substances such as cocaine or heroin or methamphetamines or hallucinogenic drugs

The staff at San Antonio Recovery Center understands the statistics related to teens and substance abuse and welcomes individuals in need of comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab programs.

High Risks Associated with Teens and Substance Abuse

When teenagers indulge in drinking alcohol or using street drugs with their friends, they likely do not realize the effects that substance abuse has on their physical or mental health. Some teens may know, but yet refuse to acknowledge that drugs such as alcohol, methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, or designer street drugs could affect their health. There are risks of drugs affecting the growth and the development of teenagers, including serious effects on the brain.

The abuse of any drug, and in any amount, can have negative effects on teens and adults. Children and adolescents face a greater risk of becoming addicted when exposed to drugs, compared to adults. Statistics show that among young people between the ages of 15 and 24, there were nearly 5,500 deaths in 2017 caused by a drug overdose.

There are also dangerous opioids beyond the opioids in the medicine cabinet at home. Powerful opioids manufactured specifically for street sale and specifically to get high, are highly dangerous, including fentanyl and heroin. Teens, like adults, may mix these drugs with alcohol or other drugs.

Addiction in teens also potentially leads to risky behaviors. Dangerous driving, which puts themselves and others in danger, is one of the risky behaviors. Teens may have unprotected sex, risking getting an STD, including HIV or AIDS. Individuals that use drugs often engage in criminal acts, either to get money for drugs or due to the effects of the drugs, such as engaging in violent criminal behaviors.

The Importance of Teens Receiving Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

Teens that do not receive treatment have a higher risk of developing physical or mental health issues later in life. The caring professionals at San Antonio Recovery Center understand that the earlier the intervention, such as detox and then comprehensive treatment, the better the chances for teens and adults to have a successful recovery.

The type of addiction therapy service will vary from one person to another individual, based on each individual’s specific needs. Some teenagers need to complete trauma therapy, while others may benefit from animal-assisted therapy.

You do not have to let addiction control your life. We can help you get on the road to recovery. Contact us at 866.957.7885, or contact us online today.

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