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Alcoholism is a powerful disease that has the potential to take over your life. Even worse, depression and alcohol may become inseparable partners, devastating a person for years. Thankfully, recovery is entirely possible. However, it will require a strong commitment to sobriety and depression treatment. At San Antonio Recovery Center, admission into our dual diagnosis treatment center is the first step towards overcoming alcohol addiction and depression. Our addiction treatment staff will conduct an individual mental health assessment to determine the underlying mental health conditions that contribute to your depression and alcohol addiction upon your admission, to create a personalized addiction treatment plan that provides the support necessary to regain control of your life.

Depression and Alcohol: Common Co-Occurring Disorders

Depression has many triggers. Some people experience depression after trauma or adverse life events. Others have chemical imbalances that make depression inevitable. Whatever the cause, many people turn to alcohol when depressed. Why are depression and alcohol so common together?

First of all, alcohol works as a depressant. As a result, you may not notice your depression symptoms as potently. And alcohol also releases endorphins. When this happens, you may feel temporarily happy. Often, people rely on this temporary mood improvement when depressed.

Secondly, alcohol abuse is often a social situation. People with depression may drink with friends to feel a closer connection. In this way, they fall into a pattern of behavior that rewards alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, alcohol is not a good friend. Ultimately, it always betrays those with depression.

Why Alcohol Worsens The Situation

The temporary boost caused by alcohol use is just that – fleeting. Most people with depression will only worsen their situation by drinking. That's because alcohol use disorder can ruin your happiness. Just a few ways alcohol worsens this situation include how it:

  • Increases depression – Alcohol abuse may decrease brain activity and worsen depression symptoms
  • Causes self-esteem issues – Many people addicted to alcohol may hate themselves for it and experience worse depression
  • Triggers personal conflict – Depression and alcohol may cause fights between you and loved ones that make life difficult
  • Creates legal troubles – You may find yourself in problematic legal situations due to alcohol abuse

The scary thing here is that these problems may cause higher alcohol abuse. Rather than identifying alcohol as a problem, many will turn to it as a coping technique. This problem often creates a very knotty psychological puzzle. For example, people may feel like they cannot live without alcohol. When this happens, rehab is vital. Thankfully, treatment can help you to break these adverse patterns of behavior for good.

Depression and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

At San Antonio Recovery Center, we provide comprehensive addiction treatment to provide the necessary support for you to overcome your depression and addiction to alcohol. Our alcohol rehab center effectively manages alcohol addiction withdrawal symptoms, while our addiction therapy programs teach you valuable coping skills to prevent future relapse. Addiction therapy programs used in the treatment of depression and alcohol use disorder include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • EMDR Therapy Program
  • 12 Step Therapy Program
  • Relapse Prevention Program

After these treatments, rehab care can decrease or eliminate your alcohol abuse. This process includes alcohol detox with medical detox. This step reduces your withdrawal symptoms to avoid physical pain. And then, behavioral adjustments and 12-step programs give you a higher level of personal insight. With this information, you can recover more successfully.

And don't forget: rehab takes on many different forms. For example, some people benefit best from an inpatient treatment program. This option provides round-the-clock treatment when you need it. However, intensive outpatient treatment lets you get treatment while living at home. Consider this option if you have a family or career to manage.

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