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Drug rehab programs in Burlington, OK have been on your mind a great deal lately. You want to get treatment for your addiction, but you're not sure that they're the right fit for you. They only offer outpatient programs, so you'd have to go home to that apartment where you and your friends used drugs every night. Moreover, they only provide a few therapy programs, and you don't understand what they are or what they do. However, you're not sure what your other options are.

If you relate to this situation, San Antonio Recovery Center can help. We offer treatment for a variety of addictions and can explain our process to you. Learn more about alternatives to drug rehab programs in Burlington, OK. Give us a call today.

Do Drug Rehab Programs in Burlington, OK Offer The Right Therapy Options?

From what you know about addiction treatment, you know that most of your time in drug rehab programs in Burlington, OK will be spent in therapy. Some rehab centers may provide the same treatment options for each client. Therefore you might be receiving treatment that has nothing to do with your needs. San Antonio Recovery Center, we know that every person who comes through our doors is different. Therefore, we offer a variety of therapy programs that we can adapt to your needs. These may include

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: This is the mainstay of many addiction treatment programs. During cognitive-behavioral therapy, you will work with a therapist to identify negative thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors. Then, you can create coping mechanisms to build healthy behavioral patterns.
  • Animal-assisted therapy: During this therapy, you will interact and take care of an addiction recovery support dog. This action improves your mental and physical health, and you will be able to gain insight into yourself.
  • Family therapy: When you struggled with addiction, you may have hurt your family members. At family therapy, you will work on rebuilding the damaged relationships and learn to improve your communication skills

These are only a few of the therapy options we offer.

Choose Addiction Treatment That's Right For You

Drug rehab programs in Burlington, OK may not be able to treat your addiction. They may have limited facilities, or only address a few dependencies. Therefore, before enrolling in drug rehab programs in Edmond, OK, make sure they treat the problems you're suffering from, including:

There are other factors that you should consider, as well. For example, if you struggle with mental illness in addition to your addiction, some treatment facilities may not be able to help you. Look for a treatment program that offers comorbidity or dual diagnosis treatment.

Moreover, you should find a program that offers men's and women's treatment programs. Men and women face different struggles during addiction treatment. Look for a program that takes those differences into account.

If you'd like to learn more about the program offerings at San Antonio Recovery Center, then contact 866.957.7885 today. Together, we can change your life.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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