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Why Choose San Antonio Recovery Center

If you’re looking for recovery, here’s why our Cagnon location could be right for you:

  • With a 1:8 therapist-to-patient ratio, our team at SARC will ensure you get the personal attention you deserve while you’re here.
  • We offer the full continuum of recovery care to offer support during every part of your recovery journey.
  • We offer a variety of services from MAT to stress management, family therapy, music/art therapy, and more.
addiction treatment services in southwest san antonio

Offering Detox and Residential Addiction Treatment Services

Substance and alcohol use look different for every client. Finding a facility that clients feel works best for them can often include a lot of things. Safety, comfort, and knowledgeable treatment programs are high priority for most people seeking recovery. Additionally, knowing they can be close to home if needed can often be important, too.

The San Antonio Recovery Center (SARC) team saw the need for local recovery options that offered safety, privacy, and healing. Our Cagnon Road facility is our newest location that strives to provide the same level of high-quality care while giving clients a safe escape during their journey on the road of recovery. Let’s go over some of the specifics offered by our facility and team at this location.

Accepting Most Major Insurances

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Addiction Treatment Through SARC in San Antonio

Whether clients come to us with alcohol, drug, or mental health concerns, our team is prepared and equipped to face them all. For those concerned with multiple challenges, such as both alcohol and mental health conditions, our dual diagnosis program can help with that, too.

Alcohol Rehab

Recovery from long-term alcohol use can often come with strong withdrawal side effects, some of which can leave clients in pain or drive them to return to use. Our medical detox program offers clients a safe environment to manage detox while surrounded by caring, medical professionals. This can help lay a stronger foundation for long-term recovery.

Drug Rehab

Drug addiction treatment can range from substances such as benzodiazepines to opioids and methamphetamine. Our SARC team knows that addiction comes in many forms, and we’re prepared to support clients with whatever concerns they may bring to the table.

For those recovering from opioids, our medical detox program assists in a safe withdrawal process, much like it can for those recovering from alcohol use. From there, many clients like to move on to our drug rehab program where they can begin to learn the skills they need to build a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

Detox Programs

Our detox program is designed to help you safely detox from any substance. Surrounded by medical professionals, your comfort and safety will be prioritized during your time here. The amount of time spent in detox will vary, depending on what substances are in your system, your history of substance use, and other factors like metabolism and age. Our professional staff will make sure you get the time you need to get clean to start your healing journey.

Dinning area of our drug rehab in san antonio on cagnon road

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


Our Programs at Cagnon

Our newest facility on Cagnon Road offers residential and inpatient addiction treatment for those looking to start their recovery journey. While treatment centers provide knowledge and teach new skills to help clients address their addiction, they also provide safety and comfort, too. Treatment is about more than just the lessons learned, it's about finding new safety, new connections, and new hobbies, too. Our new facility offers open common areas as well as outdoor resting and relaxation areas. Located in a secluded location, clients can enjoy the beauty and peace of nature while still receiving top-of-the-line treatment programs to aid them during their recovery.

We know that each client’s story is unique and deserves more than a “one-size-fits-all” approach to recovery. This is why we offer a variety of evidence-based, holistic therapies and practices to help provide a more comprehensive treatment. We believe in a holistic, evidence-based approach that heals body, mind, and spirit utilizing the principles of 12-step programs as a foundation for treatment. Some of our treatment options include CBT, group therapies, and individual therapies, too. We work with clients to make sure their treatment plan works best for them and their needs.

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There is no wrong time to start addressing addiction. Our team at SARC is prepared to help clients whenever they’re ready to take that first step. We also help incoming patients navigate coverage options and offer free assessments, information, and tour scheduling 24/7. We strive to offer long-term support along a client’s entire journey – not just while they’re here with us. 

We work with clients to help address their concerns and needs, making a treatment plan that works for them as an individual. To get started, call 866-957-7885. Our SARC team is here and ready whenever you are.

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