A man needs alcohol addiction rehabAlthough many people consume alcohol, addiction development is always possible. If you or someone you care about is struggling with substance abuse, rehab is absolutely necessary. Learn more about the various steps, treatments, and approaches to alcohol addiction rehab and what to expect along the way.

Addiction Intake Evaluation

Every effective rehab program begins with an intake evaluation. This gives the people in charge of your care the opportunity to learn more about your history. Intake is crucial because it ensures patients receive custom, specific treatment.

No two patients are alike, and therefore, no two people should undergo the same addiction treatment. Counselors use the information they gather during intake to create the best treatment plan for your unique needs.

Furthermore, during an intake evaluation, finding out more information about your physical health is often a priority. Mental and family health history are also important. In addition, medical professionals ask patients about their addiction history, their rate of alcohol consumption, and how long they’ve been abusing the substance. While this might be uncomfortable for some incoming patients, it aids in the recovery process.

Behavioral Therapy

Therapy is the foundation of addiction treatment. Thus, if you’re planning to attend alcohol rehab, you should prepare for multiple addiction therapy sessions. Counselors conduct behavioral therapy in a one-on-one environment. On the other hand, family therapy takes place in group sessions.

As the name suggests, behavioral therapy changes the problematic behaviors that first led to alcohol addiction. For example, with cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, patients learn positive thoughts and regulate their emotions.

In family therapy, patients rebuild damaged relationships. This is crucial because loved ones are an exceptional support system. Group therapy also helps communication skills and shows patients they’re never alone.

Dual Diagnosis Support

Overall, many people struggling with addiction have mental health issues. Thus, alcohol addiction rehab provides dual diagnosis support. If you have any mental health issues, dual diagnosis treats your addiction and psychological shortcomings at the same time. Treating both conditions ensures that neither disrupts your progress as you work toward sobriety.

The Use of Medications

Medical support is necessary when patients are overcoming alcoholism. Fortunately, during this process medical professionals administer the right medications as needed. This is much safer than attempting to self-medicate at home. Addiction experts know which medicines help or harm your recovery.

Holistic Recovery Options

An evidence-based approach to alcohol addiction recovery includes therapy, medical support, and proven treatments. However, there are many alternatives, holistic therapies that make a difference as well.

At San Antonio Recovery Center, our methods include:

Yoga therapy
Fitness therapy
Meditation therapy and spiritual development
Nutritional therapy
Experiential therapy

Alcohol Addiction Rehab With Ongoing Care and Support

While overcoming an alcohol addiction is tough, maintaining sobriety is even more difficult. Fortunately, San Antonio Recovery Center plans ahead by offering ongoing patient care.

Alcohol addiction rehab helps you work through addiction and permanently break free from alcohol use. At San Antonio Recovery Center in San Antonio, Texas, you’ll find the right path. Call 866-957-7885 to explore the various programs and find the right rehab route for you.