Completing drug and alcohol rehab feels like a new beginning, particularly as addicts progress through associated programs and therapies at San Antonio Recovery Center in San Antonio, Texas. When readying themselves to return to everyday life outside of addiction treatment, clients often feel a great deal of promise mixed with apprehension. That fear is often the result of knowing that sobriety must be maintained, which can be difficult when returning to home and places associated with memories of drug or alcohol use.

Man happy he went to an Aftercare Program

No matter how productive and positive an alcohol and drug addiction treatment program has been for addicts, sobriety and other life improvements won’t be sustained if a return to old ways is permitted. This is why the aftercare program from San Antonio Recovery Center is so important to the well-being of addicts in recovery. The aftercare program helps clients return home knowing that the positive changes to mind, body and spirit attained in treatment can be maintained with support of our knowledgeable staff for the long-term sobriety.

San Antonio Recovery Center Program for Continued Hope

While in drug and alcohol rehab at San Antonio Recovery Center in Texas, a vast spectrum of addiction treatment options are utilized to help addicts recover from their substance abuse. Those on-site methods combine an accurate diagnosis, advanced treatment modalities, and a supportive and therapeutic environment in a safe, comfortable facility. Through individualized residential programs, clients at San Antonio Recovery Center feel secure and free of many stressors that formerly triggered drug or alcohol use.

When returning home from any substance abuse rehab, that sense of safety and security are lifted. Alcoholic and drug addicts suddenly find themselves back at home in a world that may feel chaotic, confusing and laden with financial, occupational, social and family pressure. Without a quality aftercare program, this chaos and stress can lead addicts right back to their old routines of substance abuse.

The aftercare program of San Antonio Recovery Center in San Antonio, Texas helps recovering drug addicts and alcoholics maintain the coping skills and tools learned in treatment. Through continued care of the aftercare program, those in recovery continue building upon the sober foundation put in place in their weeks of rehabilitation. This program helps clients to build and maintain the fulfilling life they want after leaving drug and alcohol rehab.

Even for the most dedicated clients leaving treatment, relapse occurs more frequently than not. The rate of relapse for adults and teens leaving rehab is as high as 80%, according to Psychology of Addictive Behaviors. This is not unusual. Relapse is simply a roadblock that can be cleared away.

Whether you or your loved one seek rehab for alcoholism or addiction to an opioid such as heroin, studies point to relapse as something that can very likely occur after progress in treatment. This is why an aftercare program at San Antonio Recovery Center was developed. We provide valuable support to our clients after rehab to help them remain in recovery and on-track toward long-term sobriety.

When Does the Aftercare Program Start?

Aftercare would seem to begin when addicts have completed their in-treatment recovery and are ready to transition back to their everyday lives in their home communities. But in actuality, aftercare at San Antonio Recovery Center starts at the very first day of treatment. Why? Because individual aftercare program plans include identification of necessary skills to keep clients safe from substance abuse in their own home life.

Aftercare continues for an undetermined period of time. As long as addicts in recovery are committed and work to maintain sobriety, they are technically still within aftercare. Some program aspects include 12-step meetings, alumni gatherings, volunteerism and other activities supportive of recovery. Each of these, and other aftercare initiatives, help addicts remain connected to their peer groups and community for personal support among those who share similar values of healthy, engaged and sober life.

The Road to Aftercare Starts Now

As an addict, or someone who loves an addict, getting to aftercare sounds like a dream if you are still within the grasp of addiction. It’s not a dream. Aftercare starts upon admission to treatment, when hope for a renewed, sober and happy life begins. The key is to get started today, before the opportunity to get to aftercare and that fulfilling life slip away in the destruction of alcoholism or addiction.

Call San Antonio Recovery Center now at 866-957-7885 to discuss treatment in our affordable rehabilitative environment in San Antonio. As soon as you have made this call, you too are beginning your journey into aftercare.