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According to the National Institutes on Drug Abuse report Substance Abuse Trends in Texas of 2014, people entering treatment for heroin addiction in Texas are younger than ever. Once primarily an addiction problem of people over the age of 30, 52% of addicted individuals entering Texas heroin treatment centers with heroin withdrawal symptoms are now under the age of 30. Sadly, many of these admit they first used the drug as a teenager. This is the true story of heroin withdrawal, and seeking a heroin detox center is the best way to ensure a happy ending to the story.

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Heroin Withdrawal: The First Step in Treatment

Regardless of the users' ages, the first step in treatment for addiction to any substance is withdrawal. Heroin withdrawal is particularly tricky when compared to other substances. Some people claim anticipation of withdrawal is worse than the experience, while others say that detox is like having a "super-flu" with exaggerated flu-like symptoms. However, more relapses occur during heroin withdrawal than at any other time of treatment.

Heroin addiction is not a choice; addiction is classified as a mental health disorder precisely because a person with a heroin dependency knows that it is destroying almost all aspects of their life but is compelled to use heroin anyway. The addict's body becomes accustomed to the drug, and when it is suddenly cut off from the source of the drug, they experience withdrawal symptoms. Common symptoms of heroin withdrawal can include:

  • Cold sweats
  • Appetite loss
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Depression and changing moods
  • Muscle cramping and bone pain
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Seizures

Initial symptoms of heroin withdrawal begin as early as hours following the last dose. Severe heroin withdrawal symptoms peak between 24-72 hours after the last dose and subside within five to seven days. These effects typically continue for anywhere from one week to several months. About one-third of heroin addicts will relapse back into drug abuse because of this discomfort, but most will want to "tough it out." If symptoms are severe, FDA-approved medications like methadone and Suboxone can be used to mitigate the symptoms.

What Happens After Heroin Withdrawal

A quality treatment program includes medically supervised detox for heroin withdrawal symptom management. Alternatively, a dedicated heroin rehab center can refer addicted individuals to the right detox center for this phase before entry into the rehab program for recovery treatment.

Detox is only the first step, with a therapeutic recovery philosophy and program being one of the essential phases in overcoming this harmful drug. Why? Because drug use is often a means of self-medication as part of underlying depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other psychological issues. Many people also suffer the mental, familial, social, financial, and physical ramifications of using the drug, with damage left in its wake. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we address all facets of your addiction and will design an tailored treatment plan that gives you the best chance of a successful outcome.

A Better Life Begins with San Antonio Recovery Center

San Antonio Recovery Center in San Antonio helps addicted individuals from all over Texas regain sobriety and recover from their drug and alcohol addiction. Based on the 12-step philosophy, this affordable treatment program includes individualized treatment planning composed of a full spectrum of treatment methods and addiction therapies addressing the whole person. Accurate diagnosis, advanced treatment modalities, and a supportive therapeutic environment all work together to form the foundation of treatment of addicted individuals' minds, bodies, and spirits.

Our heroin addiction program uses evidence-based therapies to treat addiction. Your treatment is fully customized to your needs and can include options such as:

If you or someone you love have been suffering from addiction, call San Antonio Recovery Center now at 866.957.7885. You can learn more about our programs for overcoming drug and alcohol abuse. A brighter tomorrow begins with this call as part of a future free of addiction.

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