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Drug addiction treatment focuses on the individual needs of a person looking to overcome the damage that substance abuse can cause. Being in the right environment plays a role in how effective treatment is. That’s why a gender-specific rehab may be suitable for many people. These programs allow people to work with the same gender in treatment as well as in daily living. San Antonio Recovery Center offers a gender-specific rehab in Texas.

What Are the Benefits of a General Specific Rehab?

Enrollment in a men’s detox center or a women’s detox center means committing to work on your needs with people of the same gender. There are a few key benefits to this, such as:

Treatment Based On Differences

Men and women have differences in how they use drugs and why they do so. Treatment needs to address these needs. This treatment should include access to mental health treatment as well.

Biological Differences

Men and women have biological differences that influence drug addiction use. For example, hormones play a significant role in the onset of addiction and the treatment of it.

Environmental Differences

Women tend to be at a higher risk of trauma exposure that leads to addiction. At the same time, men are less likely to reach out for help due to stigmas surrounding receive treatment.

Recovery Needs

Women are at a higher risk of relapse than men, requiring more concentrated help with relapse prevention. Men often need more support with life skill development.

Fewer Distractions

In a gender-specific program, men and women are separate most of the time. This treatment creates fewer distractions from the opposite sex. That enables more concentration on help.

Bonding and Sharing

People are more likely to open up to those of the same gender. For example, women often benefit more so from social interaction and support than men do. They need different types of bonding exercises than men.

How Can Our Gender-Specific Rehab in Texas Help You?

Men and women have very different reactions to the world around them. They learn in different ways. They also heal in different ways. In the right environment, people are able to thrive in achieving their goals without the stress that often comes from being around the other gender.

For women, these programs can help with improving relationships and communication. They often help with trauma support. The healthcare needs of women are better addressed, as are the cultural needs of each person.

For men, gender-specific treatment can offer more opportunities for bonding with other men who get what they are going through. That may encourage men to open up more so than they would in a co-ed program. Additionally, these programs can offer men help with improving communication and problem-solving.

Find the Treatment Best at San Antonio Recovery Center

By providing you with access to a men’s detox center or a women’s detox center, you’re able to embrace treatment for drug addiction fully. This period is your time to focus on yourself. Giving yourself the right environment to heal in is essential. We encourage you to learn more about the types of therapy and resources you will find with us. Our gender-specific rehab is available to you with a range of therapy options, including:

For those who have addiction and dependence, a gender-specific rehab may be the best option. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we offer treatment for men and women that can support your best outcome. To learn more about our men’s detox center or women’s detox center, call our team at 866.957.7885 or reach out to us online. We are here to help you.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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