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Trying to identify depression in yourself is almost impossible. That is why, if you wonder, "Is my loved one struggling with depression?" he or she won't admit it. However, instead of blaming your loved one for trying to argue with you, recognize that he or she probably doesn't see the problem due to the mental illness. Learning to recognize the problem and bringing it to your loved one's attention will help him or her to get the help needed.

What Is Depression?

Depression is a mental illness that causes problems throughout the body. Feeling sad is not depression. On the other hand, feeling so sad that a person does not want to get out of bed or engage in joyful activities for at least two weeks is.

Only a doctor can diagnose depression. Therefore, if you feel concerned about a loved one, you should make an appointment with a primary care physician. Then, your loved one may get a recommendation to seek treatment for their problem.

Is My Loved One Struggling with Depression?

Depression is more than just feeling sad. In fact, depression does not always have to include feelings of sadness. Some people with this condition feel nothing at all. On the other hand, depression may appear as random aches and pains in the body without any other cause. Because there are so many symptoms of depression it can be hard to answer is my loved one struggling with depression. To answer, "Is my loved one struggling with depression?" look for signs of the problem, which include:

  • Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
  • Eating excessively or not enough
  • Having concentration problems that may cause falling grades or work problems
  • Not wanting to do things the person once enjoyed
  • Talking about suicide

Your loved one does not have to show all of these symptoms, only some of them. If the problem has lasted for at least two weeks, your loved one may have depression. However, they may be in denial about their depression, or unwilling to open up. Talk to them with sensitivity and compassion. Figuring out whether or not your loved one is struggling with depression can be an emotional minefield.

You may also want to confront them about the consequences depression can have. These include problems in school, at work, or in day-to-day domestic life. If you suspect your loved one is depressed, resist the urge to be hostile over these problems. Negative reactions from you and others can worsen their depression and leave them unwilling to open up.

If you have a loved one talk about suicide, get that person emergency help. Because some people hide symptoms of depression so well, sometimes suicide can seem to happen out of nowhere. Don't lose a loved one to depression this way.

What Happens in Depression Treatment?

Treating depression requires extensive therapy and sometimes medications. For example, some people need medicine to balance their brain chemistry. Once their mind starts working normally again, they can make the most of their depression therapy. Some common therapies that people with depression may have include:

What To Do If My Loved One Is Struggling With Depression

Depression can take life through suicide. In addition, a person suffering from depression cannot lead a full, happy life. Treatment can help to turn this situation around, though. If you wonder, "Is my loved one struggling with depression?" contact us at San Antonio Recovery Center at 866.957.7885. By getting help, you could save his or her life and help your loved one to start a better life without the burden of depression.

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