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Today, more and more activists, educators, and counseling professionals are recognizing the role that communication plays in mental health management. It's exciting that the professionals of Time to Change are playing an integral role in changing the stigma around mental health. The representatives of Time to Change created Time to Talk Day to help further the conversation. Finding talk therapy through a drug and alcohol rehab can give you the best chance at recovery.

What Is Time to Talk Day?

This event helps promote transparent communication about mental health in safe environments. These conversations become the springboard for personal change and community building. Unfortunately, there is still a negative stigma surrounding the reality of mental health disorders. Common disorders like schizophrenia, eating disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder still receive judgment and Much of the shame and stigmas result from ongoing silence which precludes individuals from gaining knowledge and keeping the lines of communication open with people who are struggling to overcome their mental health issues.

How Does Time to Talk Day Unfold?

The amazing thing about this event is that it operates as an organic process through which individuals and organizations can devise their own communication modalities. The representatives of Time to Change facilitate this process by providing participants with a wide range of free materials, strategies, and resources that can be used to organize and execute a talk session. For example, the officials provide participants with resources they can use as a springboard for real discourse. One resource is the Time to Talk Day Chatterbox, and it includes posters, tip cards, conversation starters, and postcards.

Another tool that the Time to Talk Day professionals utilize to assist individuals in generating real conversations about mental health is conversational packs. There are four types, including the workplace conversation pack. The packs include activity ideas such as campaign films, lunch and learn sessions, and walk and talk events that enable co-workers to get outside as they engage in dialogues about mental health.

The Value Of Texas Addiction Rehab Programs

Along with considering the value of facilitating or participating in a Time to Talk Day event, individuals who are struggling with mental health challenges should know that they can obtain support and solace through rehab programs. In many cases, a mental health disorder exists in conjunction with a substance abuse challenge. In this case, the individual can benefit from attaining dual diagnosis treatment. These Texas addiction rehab programs include:

  • Group counseling
  • Talk therapy
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Eco-therapy

San Antonio Recovery Center

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