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Addictions reach past the physical; they affect every part of an individual's life. Addiction can even touch their body, soul, and mind. This is why holistic forms of therapy, in general, are so beneficial to those struggling with addiction. An excellent way to clear your mind and find healing is yoga therapy.

At San Antonio Recovery Center, we offer a wide range of therapies and treatments for substance abuse issues. Yoga therapy is just one of the approaches we use in our addiction treatment programs.

The Benefits of Yoga Therapy

Many individuals who struggle with substance abuse also face mental health challenges. Comorbidity is a term used to describe an addiction that exists alongside one or more diseases or conditions. Whether an individual suffers from other diseases or conditions that may or may not contribute to the addiction, yoga has a way of helping. Some of the benefits of yoga for those in recovery from substance abuse include:

  • Lower levels of stress - Regular movement can be an outlet for stress
  • Reduced risk of struggling with depression and anxiety - Holistic treatment options can help you manage mental health conditions
  • Improves physical strength - Yoga will help you build muscle
  • Provides a healthy outlet for stress - Yoga can be used to promote long-term sobriety

Yoga can even help to retrain the brain from looping in negative thought patterns. Yoga also promotes blood flow, which is beneficial in removing toxins from the body. Yoga provides an excellent form of self-love to the addict, which is necessary for recovery.

Yoga Therapy and Aftercare

This type of exercise therapy is beneficial to virtually everyone. Your first step is to reach out for help. One of the first steps in recovery is detox, during which drugs and alcohol can leave your system. After detox, many individuals in recovery enter a residential treatment program, which will likely incorporate individual and group counseling, medication-assisted treatment, and alternative treatment methods. It's important to take care of your body and mind during treatment, and yoga therapy can help stress relief. For many individuals, stress is a trigger that can cause them to relapse. However, to avoid relapse, it's important to participate in an aftercare program. In aftercare, you'll stay connected to a group of other recovery-focused individuals as well as a treatment center where you can access resources and education.

Yoga and other forms of San Antonio addiction therapy can help with addiction, but they can also provide balance and peace. A healthier life is possible at San Antonio Recovery Center.

Alternative Therapy and Programs at San Antonio Recovery Center

If you have been searching for yoga therapy in San Antonio, we offer this form of therapy amongst many others. Learning about available addiction therapy services is key to finding the best help for your needs. Everyone recovers from addiction in their own way, which means you need treatment and therapy that is right for you.

San Antonio Recovery Center provides many forms of alternative addiction rehab programs and therapies. Typically, these are part of a comprehensive treatment program that incorporates evidence-based treatment methods like individual therapy and 12-step programs. The alternative treatment programs we offer include:

Our individualized treatment plans, which take your wants and needs into account, will help you recover from your addiction. We know you've struggled with this. It's time to give us a call. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we can help you with your addiction. You don't need to, and shouldn't, go through this alone. We provide a comfortable and affordable refuge for you to heal and learn new ways to live. Call us today at 866.957.7885, or contact us online.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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