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Alcohol addiction is unfortunately all too common across the United States. Millions of people struggle with alcohol abuse and addiction every year. Many of those people fail to get the help and intervention they need. Even for people who seek treatment, relapse is all too common. To that end, remember that the work in recovery is hard and often incremental. One evidence-based approach that is common during addiction treatment for alcoholism is group therapy.

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What Is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a term used to refer to when someone has an addiction to alcohol. Many treatment providers and healthcare professionals also refer to alcoholism by the more professional term: alcohol use disorder. Alcoholism is a natural outcome of repetitive alcohol abuse. The best time for intervention is before addiction takes hold. With that in mind, here are a few warning signs of alcoholism that someone may be on the verge of developing alcoholism:

  • Inability to control drinking behavior
  • Regular cravings for alcohol in between use
  • Prioritizing the pursuit of alcohol above work and life responsibilities
  • Blacking out regularly from alcohol consumption
  • Drinking to the point that it interferes with job or school performance

People begin drinking for a variety of reasons. Many roads lead to alcoholism. Then too, many people who drink recreationally never develop a disordered relationship with alcohol. But some of the common root causes of problematic drinking behavior are high stress levels, coping with grief or shame, avoiding feelings of anxiety or depression, a lack of meaningful social connection, and a history of trauma.

Alcoholism also comes with a variety of health complications, particularly among severe users. Side effects from alcohol abuse range from impaired coordination to restlessness to breathing troubles. Moreover, one of the biggest long-term risks of alcoholism is liver disease, something that can result in death.

What Is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a therapeutic approach where a therapist conducts sessions with multiple patients at once. Group sizes range from just three people to as many as a dozen. Treatment providers tend to structure group therapy so that participants bring similar issues to the table. Each person can share their perspective on the issue, what goals they are working on, and what progress they have made.

The peer support this approach offers is one of the biggest benefits for people experiencing group therapy during alcoholism treatment. In addition, group therapy is commonly shown to be just as effective as individual therapy, especially when conducted in an inpatient setting. In fact, alcoholism group therapy is sometimes one of the best approaches for people who desire connection and social support on their path to recovery.

Alcoholism Group Therapy at San Antonio Recovery Center

Alcoholism group therapy is a key method for treating alcohol addiction at San Antonio Recovery Center. We are very intentional about matching individuals to the right group. At the same time, the point is not for every member in a therapy group to become best friends. Rather, the goal is recovery. Every participant in an alcoholism group therapy setting has a unique, important perspective to share. People may learn the most from those who they may not naturally be friends with outside of treatment.

Alcoholism group therapy supports people in their pursuit of recovery in multiple ways. First, it offers a chance to hear from and interact with others who are also pursuing sobriety. That is often hard to come by for people before they enter treatment. Second, group therapy for alcoholism is an important reminder that nobody is alone during treatment. Third and perhaps more importantly, group therapy that addresses alcoholism equips participants with the skills and coping strategies necessary to achieve and maintain sobriety.

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