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When you enter treatment for an addiction, you have care options that cater to your physical well-being. However, because addiction also causes mental changes, mindfulness meditation may help you to rebalance your thinking as you recover. Can mindfulness meditation work for addiction? More studies and evidence from treatment centers are saying yes.

What Is Mindful Meditation?

Mindfulness training treatment is an option that falls under holistic therapy. Before you refuse this option, consider how it might help you during your recovery.

First, mindfulness training can help you to ease symptoms of depression and anxiety. These mental health problems frequently accompany substance use disorders. Mental illness and addiction combine to make both issues even worse. Helping to ease one can make it easier to deal with the other.

Secondly, mindfulness can help you to better deal with stress. After you leave rehab, you will need to fight the urge to relapse during times of stress. With the mindfulness methods that you learned during treatment, you can combat stress and become more aware when you need to ask for help.

How Can Mindfulness Meditation Work for Addiction?

Can mindfulness meditation work for addiction in treatment facilities? According to research done on those who learn mindfulness to prevent relapses, the answer is yes. In a study of those who underwent treatment for substance use, those who learned mindfulness meditation to prevent relapse had fewer instances of falling back to their old habits after recovery. The meditation was more than a way to pass the time for these people. It gave them a tool to use in the real world after treatment when living a sober life became difficult.

Mindfulness Is Not the Only Treatment

While mindfulness meditation can help keep you sober after treatment, it is only a part of a comprehensive recovery program. Every patient will have a treatment program that matches their needs. Therefore, if you need meditation in addition to other therapies, you can get those.

Psychological dependency comes from social and emotional triggers. These triggers often lead people towards substance abuse as a way of coping. Outside of an addiction treatment center, these triggers help drive people to maintain their addictions. Overcoming triggers is a key part of recovery. which is why San Antonio Recovery Center offers psychotherapy at our Texas addiction treatment centers. Our therapeutic programs include:

Mindfulness meditation is part of a holistic approach. This term means that the care you get should meet the needs of your spirit, mind, and body. Therefore, you will need other therapies in addition to meditation to get a fully holistic approach to your recovery. The behavioral therapies listed above are key to a full mental recovery from addiction.

Learn How Can Mindfulness Meditation Work For You

Whether you need a holistic approach that includes meditation or a more traditional 12-step method for addiction recovery, we can help. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we offer several traditional and alternative therapies for drug and alcohol addiction.

Drug use will harm you physically, break up your relationships, and make living the life you want harder. Don't let addiction continue to control every part of your life. Pick up the phone and contact us today at San Antonio Recovery Center at 866.957.7885. We can help you find out can mindfulness meditation work for addiction for you or if you need other means to move through recovery. Living without drugs is possible. Let us help you to start a sober life.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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