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There are many types of addiction ranging from drugs and alcohol to process addictions like gambling. However, many people generally don’t understand how this chronic disease works. By controlling the brain, it often makes you believe your addictive tendencies aren’t as bad as other peoples’.

The effects of addiction lead us to feel isolated, further feeding the disease. However, once you fully understand the science of addiction, you’ll realize you’re not that much different from your peers.

Reaching out for help from a rehab center in San Antonio, you'll find professionals and peers who understand your struggle.

Types of Addiction

The types of addiction are split into two groups, substance and behavioral. Both types of addiction impact a person's life from relationships and health to their career. It is critical to realize the seriousness of the disease and that it impacts whole communities.

Consequences of such addictions lead to the following:

  • Chemical changes in the brain
  • Impaired memory and decision making
  • Mental and physical health problems
  • Relationship problems and child custody battles
  • Declined performance and attendance at work or school
  • Legal charges
  • Financial problems and debt or stealing

Substance Abuse

The more familiar addiction type is substance abuse. This is a compulsive drive to misuse drugs and alcohol that leads to increased tolerance, many physical health problems, and often co-occurring mental health disorders.

Behavioral Addiction

Behavioral addictions share many of the same side effects as substance abuse. There is a sense of euphoria, craving, and increased tolerance.

The common behavioral addictions include:

  • Gambling
  • Sex addiction
  • Shopping addiction
  • Eating disorders
  • Internet addiction
  • Video game addiction

Both types of addiction are chronic but treatable. The specialized addiction treatment programs and behavioral therapies provide relief for those struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders.

How Do Different Types of Addiction Work?

Addiction, as a disease, affects the brain’s limbic system and prefrontal cortex. While the brain has many different components, these are responsible for addictive behavior. The limbic system is the metaphorical gas pedal controlling pleasure. The prefrontal cortex is the brakes, telling you to stop when moving forward is too dangerous.

Scientific research shows us that people with alcohol or drug addiction have trouble controlling their prefrontal cortex. Unfortunately, your limbic system tells you to keep using despite the consequences. The same cognitive malfunction occurs with process addictions like shopping, sex, gambling, eating, or other pleasurable activities.

How Does Addiction Affect Behavior?

When developing an addiction, your loved one is no longer the person they once were. Often, this is why addiction leads to family separation and loss of friendship. There’s actually a very logical explanation for the behavior change, and it also deals with cognitive functioning.

The prefrontal cortex has many other functions besides being the metaphorical brakes of the brain. When it isn’t working properly, an individual is in survival mode. The limbic system tells you drugs or alcohol are necessary for survival. Meanwhile, you’ll struggle with the following:

  • Empathy
  • Self-awareness
  • Logical decision making
  • Impulse control

Addiction Treatment in San Antonio

At San Antonio Recovery Center in Texas, our addiction treatment program focuses on modifying problematic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. To reach successful sobriety, rehabilitating the mind is necessary. You’ll receive comprehensive care in a comfortable facility with access to the following effective programs:

Contact San Antonio Recovery Center to find out how you can begin retraining your brain to break free from your addiction. Start living the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. If you or a loved one has problems with substance abuse or behavioral addiction, call us today at 866.957.7885.

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