substance abuse and domestic violence

To live a healthy lifestyle, you must be sound in mind, body, and soul. Also, you must stay away from any kind of substance abuse. But how can one lead a healthy life when you feel unsafe in your own home in San Antonio, Texas?

According to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, every nine seconds in the United States, a woman is assaulted or beaten. On average, nearly 20 people every single minute are physically harmed by their partner. Although these statistics primarily focus on physical harm, domestic violence is also controlling behaviors through emotional and psychological force. Domestic violence does not discriminate and affects millions of women across the country.

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What Is The Correlation Between Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence?

In addition to these statistics, many studies have shown that a victim of substance abuse is more susceptible to domestic violence. When a victim is abusing substances such as heroin, the situation becomes more dangerous. The correlation between alcohol/drug abuse and domestic violence states that there may be some cause-and-effect between the two. Although substance abuse is a factor of domestic violence, it is not the only one.

The relationship between alcohol and other substance abuse can be complicated. Although there is a connection between the two, it is essential to note that one does not cause the other. Alcohol and substance abuse causes misinterpretation of a partner’s actions and behaviors, causing the abuser to perceive and process information in a different manner. These misinterpretations cause the abusers to respond violently. Substance abuse also increases power and domination, causing partners to try and overpower each other leading to violence. Because of this, many abusers use alcohol and substances as an excuse for being abusive. Additionally, victims use this as a coping mechanism.

How Can I Protect Myself?

We would like to share some tips on how to protect yourself if you find yourself in an abusive relationship.

Recognizing Abuse Is The First Step to Getting Help

No one should have to endure the pains of an abusive relationship. The first step is acknowledging that you are in an abusive situation. Domestic abuse often escalates over a matter of time, starting with threats, and leading to physical harm. Once you recognize the signs of the relationship, you can begin to seek help.

Call 911 and Report The Incident

Write down exactly what happened, leaving out no details. Make sure you keep records of the police report, incident number, and the officer on duty for further investigation.

Seek Shelter In a Safe Place

For your protection, go to a domestic violence shelter. Many shelters are disguised, or off in distant areas for the protection of the victims. Going to a shelter provides support and medical attention. Also, it will be there for you on your road to recovery.

Do Not Blame Yourself

You cannot defend battering as normal behavior in any relationship. Causing physical harm to someone is never ok and is not your fault. Now and then, disagreements happen, but responding to those conversations with injury is not acceptable.

Gain Support from Caring People

Tell someone you trust about the abuse. Any person, family, or friend, so that you do not have to face the abuser alone. Tell this confidant in a safe environment, away from the abuser. Support agencies are there for this reason and are very helpful and knowledgeable on how to end an abusive relationship.

Learn More About Abuse

The best way to protect yourself is by gaining as much knowledge about abuse and its warning signs. If you are in an abusive relationship, please reach out for help. There are people who can (and want to) help you.

Where Can I Get Help for Substance Abuse?

If you are struggling with a substance abuse problem that either causes domestic violence or is caused by domestic violence, help is available. At the San Antonio Recovery Center, we offer a variety of treatment options. These include:

Don't let domestic violence or substance abuse problems control you anymore. Get help today.

Don't Allow Substance Abuse to Be an Excuse for Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious issue that should not be taken lightly. If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, please get help. There are many people and organizations that can help you get to a safe place and start a new life. Please don’t suffer in silence.

Take this time to evaluate your relationship and the relationship of others to register any signs of domestic violence. The trauma experienced by domestic violence victims can also lead to substance abuse. In fact, domestic violence and substance abuse are independent problems that need complex treatment. Therefore, you should not see them as one causing the other.

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