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Alcohol use in San Antonio is generally a reflection of drinking across Texas. The state has a slightly higher incidence of reported drunk driving numbers than the national average. While the statistics aren't enough to paint Texas as particularly problematic regarding alcohol abuse, numbers suggest that alcohol abuse is on the rise in San Antonio.

If you struggle with alcohol use, reach out to the alcohol detox center in San Antonio, TX to start recovery.

Alcohol Use in San Antonio Compared to Other Cities

San Antonio is rich in history and considered a good tourist destination. Like other cities across America, big and small, San Antonio has plenty of places where people can get together and celebrate. Alcohol is often a key part of celebrations, and this is just as true for alcohol use in San Antonio as it is anyplace else.

Equally true is that some people abuse alcohol, while others drink in moderation with no problems. The good news is that if someone has a dependency on alcohol, there are local rehab facilities for treatment.

Residents of Texas can get local or semi-local care. By being close to home, you get the benefits of heavy family involvement. This is important because addiction impacts more than the person who uses—his loved ones also feel the effects.

When Drinking Becomes a Problem

Because alcohol is legal to buy and use, it's the most commonly abused drug. There's no stigma attached to drinking the way there is to heroin or meth use. Due to its wide acceptance and availability, it's not always apparent when someone has a drinking problem.

Alcohol is a drug, and like other drugs, people can build up a tolerance. They have to consume more to feel the same effects. Eventually, some people find it difficult to function without drinking.

One of the alcoholism facts that more people should know is that you don't have to drink every day to have a drinking problem. Instead, some people binge drink (which also counts as abuse) or simply can't stop drinking once they start.

Without early intervention, it's entirely possible to become dependent on alcohol, and then addicted to it.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Recognizing the early signs of alcohol abuse and getting help can reduce the symptoms. However, if struggles with alcohol continue, it can lead to addiction. When you see the following signs of alcohol addiction, reach out for help:

  • A decrease in attending or meeting obligations for work, school, or family
  • Continuing alcohol misuse when there are negative consequences
  • Hiding alcohol consumption and drinking when inappropriate, such as during work
  • Partaking in unsafe behaviors after drinking, including driving and fighting
  • Increased tolerance or needing more alcohol to get the same effects

No matter what severity, you can always recover from alcohol addiction. It's never too late to lower Texas alcohol use statistics.

Affordable Treatment Designed for You

Whether you're a Texas resident or not, there's an addiction treatment facility that can help. San Antonio Recovery Center treats dependency for all kinds of drugs and alcohol.

Our compassionate, qualified staff personalizes treatment to each client in order to provide the best and most effective care. We also believe that rehab should be affordable and accessible. Instead of traveling to a coastal rehab facility that can have exorbitant costs, anyone can receive top-notch treatment at our center.

We provide rehab programs such as:

Isn't it time you took back control of your life? We think so. Contact us today for more information about alcohol abuse and treatment. Our quality treatment plans are designed to help you overcome any addiction.

Call 866.957.7885 now to speak with an addiction specialist in San Antonio, TX.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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