man wonders what is Narcotics Anonymous and can it help me

You have heard of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), but do you know what is Narcotics Anonymous? For those who are fighting a life-or-death struggle with addiction, getting the answer to the question of what is Narcotics Anonymous might actually help them to start and sustain a successful recovery. Finding 12 step addiction treatment like NA might just be the best thing you ever did.

A Brief Introduction to Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous is a non-profit fellowship of people for whom drugs pose a significant problem. It uses the 12-step program introduced by Alcoholics Anonymous as a framework. Meetings are designed for members to help each other stay clean. Membership is free, and the organization steers clear of politics, science, and medicine. The philosophy includes the following:

  • Uses the AA 12 steps and 12 traditions
  • Addicts live to use and use to live, but NA can help them make a change from within
  • Addiction is a disease with drug use as one of its symptoms. Recovery can happen through the 12 steps
  • In addition to drug use, other symptoms of the disease of addiction include compulsion, obsession, self-centeredness, and denial

NA meetings provide a place where addicts can get together to support each other toward lasting recovery. They function as a drug alcohol addiction aftercare program and can take place anywhere a group wants to meet, including churches, parks, and even Texas addiction rehab programs.

What Is Narcotics Anonymous and What To Expect

Anyone is welcome to attend open NA meetings. On the other hand, only those who are addicts or believe they have a severe drug problem can come to closed meetings. You will often hear speakers who share their experiences with addiction and recovery at these gatherings. In addition, most devote some time to reading and discussing NA literature. There may also be a segment designated for sharing during which members talk about their lives without being questioned or interrupted. Other formats include the following:

  • Round robin (all members around the circle share)
  • Tag meeting (speaker picks the next person to share)
  • Needs or special interest focusing on a particular gender or segment of society
  • Twelve-step meetings

During sessions, sobriety anniversaries receive recognition, and the well-being of the newcomer is always a top priority. For many addicts looking for alternatives to AA, Narcotics Anonymous provides a bridge to rehab treatment and a lifeboat throughout recovery.

Time to Make a Change

When addiction has a hold over your life, everything can seem hopeless. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we are committed to showing you that you can conquer your disease and live a clean and healthy life just as NA describes. Well-versed in what is the Narcotics Anonymous signature philosophy, our compassionate staff will give you the personalized care you need to understand your addiction and begin to take steps to move past it. No cookie-cutter prefab rehab franchise, San Antonio Recovery stems from the pillars of quality and value. Our clients can expect the following services when they entrust us with their recovery:

  • A safe and spacious environment conducive to learning, healing, and recovery
  • A program that is both affordable and of premium quality
  • Comprehensive physical, psychological and addiction evaluation
  • Proven addiction therapies, including NA and other 12-step groups
  • Staff who have respect in the field, many of whom are in recovery themselves
  • Focus on helping to heal your support network of family and friends to optimize the chances of long-term healing

What is Narcotics Anonymous? Find out through San Antonio Recovery Center. Pick up the phone today and begin your new, healthy life. Call our compassionate counselors today at 866.957.7885

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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