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When considering the effects of hydrocodone vs codeine, we note their similarities. However, the nuanced differences are important. The focus is not to get addicted to either substance. No one wins when it comes to addiction. If you or someone you care about is looking for a codeine or hydrocodone addiction treatment program in San Antonio, TX, contact us today. The staff members at San Antonio Recovery Center utilize a client-focused addiction treatment approach.

Some clients find it beneficial to be out of their home state for drug treatment. Additionally, others need to be close to home for varying reasons. We welcome fellow Texans, as well as people from around the country. Quality is key to treatment. Focus on how to end your addiction to opiates or whatever substance has you in its snare. The time to start your new life without active addiction is now. You'll find your place at our facility. No matter where your road started, you'll find a successful ending right here at San Antonio Recovery Center.

Hydrocodone Vs. Codeine: The Parallels and The Differences

It is important to know about the similarities and differences between hydrocodone vs codeine. Opiate addiction is increasing nationwide, and learning as much as you can is imperative.

  • Hydrocodone and codeine both work as pain killers by changing how the brain perceives pain
  • These drugs work to reduce pain signals as the pain indicator travels along the nerve to the brain
  • Hydrocodone and codeine are both opiates
  • Both drugs affect the central nervous system
  • Usually, hydrocodone and codeine are initially prescribed for pain by a physician
  • Codeine is usually prescribed for mild to moderate pain
  • Hydrocodone is generally prescribed for moderate to severe pain
  • With prolonged use, both of these prescription drugs can become habit-forming and lead to addiction
  • Both drugs are habit forming
  • Codeine is viewed as a gateway drug that could lead to dependence on other harder opiates

What Is Hydrocodone and Codeine Addiction Treatment?

Hydrocodone and codeine addiction treatment is a comprehensive, evidence-based program designed to help individuals struggling with an addiction to these powerful narcotics. Treatment typically includes detoxification, inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation programs, medication-assisted therapy, counseling, and aftercare services such as 12-step support groups and relapse prevention programs.

Treatment is tailored to each individual’s needs and can include a combination of therapies to help individuals develop the skills they need to maintain long-term sobriety. With the right support, hydrocodone and codeine addiction treatment can be successful in helping people regain control over their lives.

The goal of hydrocodone and codeine addiction treatment is to help individuals achieve abstinence from these drugs and develop the skills they need to maintain long-term sobriety. Treatment plans involve both physical and psychological components, including detoxification, counseling, medication management, lifestyle changes, family therapy, 12-step support groups, and relapse prevention.

During treatment, individuals learn about the risks associated with hydrocodone and codeine addiction and develop coping strategies for managing cravings and avoiding relapse in the future. Treatment is designed to help people build a strong support system within their recovery community that can provide guidance and encouragement during challenging times.

San Antonio Recovery Center — One Client at a Time

Each person's addiction to either hydrocodone or codeine is unique. Therefore, your addiction treatment programs will have subtle differences. We don’t like to put people in a box and treat addiction treatment like it's a one-stop shopping experience. Our goal is to treat the individual. We begin by examining how your addiction began. Then, we want the individual to realize that addiction is the culprit and not necessarily the drug.

Wondering if there are differences in treatment is a good indicator. It shows that you want the best outcomes for treatment. Our approach to treatment includes the following ideas:

  • People are different ( we individualize drug treatment plans)
  • Affordable treatment
  • Focus on evidence-based addiction therapy programs
  • Family participation is encouraged
  • Dedicated and concerned staff and participation

Weighing the differences between hydrocodone vs. codeine affords a better understanding. Your continued addiction is a death sentence. There's no question as to what you need to do. Therefore, you need to do something to change in your life. Initiate the change needed for a loved one.

Give us a call today at 866.957.7885. It's a monumental step in the right direction toward recovery and health. Start recovering all the parts of your life today.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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