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In today's fast-paced society, most people prefer a quick fix. In the world of addiction treatment, however, there’s no instant cure for alcoholism. The only cure takes comprehensive, ongoing treatment, support, accountability and dedication. However, the right tools and resources can make it easier to combat an addiction to alcohol.

Relapse Rates for Alcoholism

One important issue that you shouldn’t overlook is the likelihood of relapse. Even among those patients who complete alcohol addiction treatment programs, relapse is a possibility. Relapse rates are comparable to those who receive medical treatment for diabetes or asthma, but still have symptoms or flare-ups over time.

Those who believe that a week-long program can cure alcoholism for good probably aren't taking relapse rates into consideration. In order to prevent relapse for a lifetime, ongoing support is necessary. Moderate alcohol consumption is no longer a possibility, and abstinence is required for anyone in recovery.

Top Treatment Methods for Alcohol Addiction

The closest thing to a cure for alcohol addiction is the use of appropriate and effective treatment methods. To maximize the chance of successful sobriety, treatment facilities should tailor their methods to the individual needs of patients.

There is an array of treatment methods that are effective for certain patients. Combining multiple treatment varieties is often best. Some of the top methods of alcohol addiction treatment include the following:

Ongoing Treatment Is a Key Part of The Cure for Alcoholism

When someone battling alcoholism considers treatment options, cost is often a factor. Finding affordable treatment, whether residential or outpatient, may be a prime objective. Perhaps more important, however, is planning for ongoing treatment. This is considered aftercare, and it’s vital for the prevention of relapse.

While a 90-day program may be the beginning of recovery from alcoholism, it isn't always a permanent solution that can cure a lifelong disease. Instead, it sets the stage for aftercare. An aftercare program can consist of many different aspects, each of which focuses on various elements of recovery.

For some patients, the best form of aftercare is ongoing group meetings. This has the benefit of being a very affordable (often free) means of assistance. Group counseling or 12-step programs offer continuing accountability as well as a means of sharing and communicating with peers.

Aftercare might also include elements of transitional sober living, alumni events or ongoing therapy sessions. Ultimately, it is about continuing to make recovery and sobriety a priority, even after rehab or official treatment programs have ended.

There’s no instant or quick cure for alcoholism. At San Antonio Rehab Center, however, you can begin treatment that can help you embrace sobriety for a lifetime.

Substance Addictions Treated at San Antonio Recovery Center

At San Antonio Recovery Center, we treat a wide variety of substances. No matter what substance you've abused, we're ready to help you start your road to recovery. From alcohol to cocaine to prescription drugs, San Antonio Recovery Center has the treatment you need to succeed. Substance addictions treated at San Antonio Recovery Center include but aren't limited to:

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