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Many people with a mental health disorder also face addiction to drugs and alcohol. Either condition can come first; addiction can also lead to the development of mental health problems. Yet, it can be difficult for mental health patients struggling with depression, anxiety, or trauma to get help. Turning to alcohol or drugs may seem like a better option. If you are at this point, know there is help available to you at San Antonio Recovery Center.

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Mental Health and Addiction Are Brain Disorders

Both mental health disorders and addiction are brain disorders. When a person uses alcohol or drugs, those chemicals alter the function and wiring of the brain. This permanent change results in the brain functioning differently. The same applies to mental health disorders. When present, the brain is not functioning optimally, and, as a result, it can impact every other area of life.

People with complex mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia are more likely to turn to substances simply because their brain isn't functioning as it should. By using substances, it can temporarily relieve the symptoms of these disorders. Yet, in the long run, this only exacerbates their condition and leads to addiction.

The good news is that both mental health disorders and addiction can be treated with therapy and/or medication. Professional help from a licensed therapist or psychologist can provide insight into managing mental health and addiction issues. With the right treatment, people can get their lives back on track and take control of their mental health and sobriety.

Coping Strategies for Mental Health Patients

The difficulties and challenges of mental health disorders don't improve on their own. Without treatment and sometimes medication, it becomes critical for a person to find a way to stop what they are feeling. They turn to drugs and alcohol to make that happen. Some signs of this type of behavior include:

  • Using alcohol to get through the day
  • Turning to drugs or alcohol because of intense flashbacks
  • Needing to use drugs or alcohol to deal with stress
  • Experiencing more clarity or control when using drugs than when not
  • Feeling compelled to use drugs to deal with anxiety

When the symptoms of mental health disorders occur, a person should seek out professional help. Unfortunately, many do not. As a result, they feel helpless, overwhelmed, afraid, and anxious. Because drugs and alcohol directly impact the central nervous system's function, they can minimize some of the negative thoughts and activity.

Unfortunately, using substances doesn't cure the disorder. In some ways, it can make it worse, especially as dependence sets in and tolerance grows.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Is Necessary

When a person faces both addiction and mental health disorders, treatment for both, delivered simultaneously, becomes necessary. This service is called dual diagnosis treatment. The process involves balancing the mental health disorder and dependence.

Diagnosing both conditions occurring at the same time is different. The symptoms of one may mask the presence of the other. A specialized treatment program can offer help.

To treat mental health disorders, doctors may prescribe medications. These substances may aid in balancing symptoms but also chemical irregularities and hormone imbalances. At the same time, some people may benefit from detox services. This process helps to rid the body of toxins from the substance use disorder while balancing withdrawal symptoms and cravings. This comprehensive approach does not stop there but includes psychotherapy. Patients learn strategies for coping with the symptoms of both diseases and how to repair the damage to their life caused by both conditions.

Find the Care You Need at San Antonio Recovery Center

San Antonio Recovery Center offers a range of treatments to support the healing of both conditions. That includes:

You can control mental health and addiction by reaching out for help. A quality rehab center such as San Antonio Recovery Center can offer dual-diagnosis services to enhance your outcome. We can provide you with the support you need affordably. To learn more, call 866.957.7885 or reach out to us online now.

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