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Finding the support you need after going through substance use or mental health disorder treatment can be critical to successful recovery. You want to be able to continue to use all the tools you learned in a healthy and effective way without falling victim to triggers. For many, entering a sober living program in San Antonio, TX—following a structured treatment program—has been the key to maintaining their sobriety and not experiencing relapse or falling into depression when they are unable to manage recovery on their own.

The San Antonio, Texas, area offers addiction recovery programming through state and federal resources as well as private rehab facilities like SARC. If you have questions about what your sober living program options are in San Antonio, Texas, then call the SARC team at 866-957-7885 or contact the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.1

Sober Living in San Antonio

If you are unsure what a sober living program is, it is a live-in option in a safe and secure home-like environment that can follow detox and a traditional addiction treatment program. In some cases, sober living may be an alternative to a complete residential treatment program, as it can offer more flexibility and a more affordable option.

The length of time spent in a sober living program can vary. During those weeks or months, participants will attend to their daily routine with work or school, engage in programming through the sober living program, and attend 12-step meetings to further support their recovery. This program can be a great bridge between a treatment program and transitioning back to a daily routine outside of treatment.

Treating Depression Through a Sober Living Program

There are many benefits to a sober living program when it comes to treating substance use and mental health disorders, including:

  • Structured programming to make it easier to transition from treatment to day-to-day life
  • Support of peers who are also in recovery
  • Practicing how to live a new life free of drugs or alcohol with newly acquired tools and resources
  • A safe and comfortable place to continue your recovery

In addition, sober living as part of a treatment center allows the ability to address co-occurring mental health issues you may have, like depression. A dual diagnosis is not uncommon and being able to treat both conditions at the same time is highly beneficial.

Contact SARC To Learn About Sober Living in San Antonio

SARC offers a rehab center in San Antonio that has a variety of treatment programs and services, among them is a sober living program. Programs benefit those local to the area as well as those looking to travel in order to find a treatment program that they are fully comfortable with.

Creating a home away from home while you receive treatment makes the process easier for many people. Paired with a caring and professional team offering a holistic approach to treatment with a variety of therapeutic modalities, is why SARC comes highly recommended by those who have gone through the programs.

Addiction is a disease that affects both one’s physical and mental health. Co-occurring disorders are quite common when dealing with a substance use disorder. Being able to treat something like depression at the same time, in the same facility, is the most effective approach to treatment for a dual diagnosis like this.

SARC offers:

  • Detox programs
  • Residential treatment
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP)
  • Gender-specific treatment programs
  • Behavioral therapies
  • Holistic therapies like yoga and animal-assisted therapy
  • Individual, group, and family therapies
  • Sober living

Call the SARC team today at 866-957-7885 or use the online contact form to learn more about your sober living options in San Antonio, Texas.

1. Texas Department of Health and Human Services - Mental Health and Substance Use

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