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San Antonio Recovery Center is a full-service rehab center that specializes in alcohol and heroin addiction recovery. These addictions are especially prevalent in Texas and affect men and women alike. Addiction doesn't discriminate, and neither do we. Our treatment programs are open to individuals of all gender identities and sexual orientations. Men who are struggling with addiction can find specialized support and treatment through our men's addiction treatment center. Our men's addiction treatment center in San Antonio can put men on the path to true recovery.

If you need to know more about addiction rehab programs, reach out to San Antonio Recovery Center at 866.957.7885 today.

How to Tell If You Have a Substance Use Problem

Millions of people across the country battle with alcohol use disorder (AUD). If you're worried that it's time for you or a friend to seek help from our men's addiction treatment center, let us provide a guiding hand. Did you know that going to a qualified treatment center can help you avoid relapse and give you the skills you need to rebuild your life?

If you drink socially, you may already drink more on the weekends than on weekdays as well as on special occasions. Those with alcohol use disorder find themselves drinking more alcohol more often. It often impacts other aspects of their lives.

Anyone 21 years of age or older can legally drink. So, how can you tell if it's an issue? Our addiction counselors are ready to talk to you to assess your specific situation.

Do You Have a Drinking Problem? Ask Yourself These Questions

The following questions may help you determine if you have a drinking problem:

  • Do you regularly drink over your limit and blackout?
  • Do you hide how much you drink from your family?
  • After drinking, do you feel guilt, shame, or remorse?
  • Do you drink to escape trauma or stress?
  • Have you lost the ability to control how much you drink?
  • Do you drink even though it's causing problems in your life?
  • Do you become defensive if anyone asks you about your drinking?
  • Is lying about your drinking something that you routinely do?

If you can answer "yes" to any of these, you'd likely benefit from our men's alcohol addiction rehab program. With the help of counselors, staff, and peers, clients dramatically increase their likelihood of a future of sobriety and productive living.

Many individuals also struggle with addictions to illicit or prescription drugs. You might have been prescribed an opioid pain reliever after an illness or injury. Or you have used benzos for sleep issues or anxiety. These medications can be addictive. However, if you're misusing prescription medication or have turned to illicit drugs, San Antonio Recovery Center's men's rehab programs can help.

Why Men's Rehab?

Men's rehab is a specialized treatment program designed to address the unique needs of men. It provides individualized care and support tailored specifically to the needs of male clients. The focus is on helping men develop effective coping skills, manage stress, and build healthier relationships with family and friends. Men's rehab often includes group therapy sessions where participants can share their stories and learn from one another.

Through this comprehensive approach, men in rehab can work toward lasting sobriety and better overall wellness. Furthermore, men’s rehab programs typically incorporate physical activity, nutrition counseling, and other activities to help clients regain control of their lives.

Men’s Addiction Treatment Center Programs

You don't have to let drugs or alcohol form the lens that others see you through. Enroll in one of the effective alcohol and drug rehab programs at San Antonio Recovery Center. With access to medical care, as well as psychiatric and other evidence-based programs, you learn to believe in yourself and alter thoughts and feelings that may trigger a relapse.

The programs and therapies at our men’s addiction treatment center include:

In our men's addiction treatment center, you'll take part in group, individual, and family sessions that help you process your thoughts and build a community of healing and acceptance.

Our Men's Addiction Treatment Center in Texas Can Change Your Life

Alcohol and other drugs weaken your ability to make good decisions about your life. At San Antonio Recovery Center, men from all over Texas and elsewhere make strides toward a life of sobriety and peace. Our men’s addiction treatment center arms you with knowledge, tools, and support so you can overcome the stress and anxiety that comes with substance use disorder.

Contact San Antonio Recovery Center to discover more about how our staff and programs guide clients through their individual challenges. Escape the hold that alcohol or drugs have on you. It all starts with a call to 866.957.7885, or by contacting us online today.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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