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Alcohol abuse can have severe effects on your life. If you find yourself making excuses to drink or drinking alone, you may need help. These signs are only two of the many indications that you should find ways to recover. Therefore, instead of asking, "Why do I need alcohol abuse counseling?" ask yourself what your life could be like free of problem drinking.

What Makes Alcohol Abuse a Problem?

While most adults drink alcohol at some point, not everyone has a problem with drinking. Doctors have an official name for habitual, problem drinking. They call it alcohol use disorder (AUD). This is a medical term to indicate that your drinking has gotten to the point to hurt you or others. In addition, it indicates when drinking causes concern for you or your family members.

If you experience at least two of the following, you need help for AUD:

  • Skipped enjoyable activities to drink
  • Kept drinking even after family members asked you to stop
  • Spend excessive amounts of time drinking
  • Regularly drink more than you intend to
  • Had a craving to drink
  • Keep drinking even if you have health problems
  • Tried to reduce the amount you drink or stop drinking and failed

Why Do I Need Alcohol Abuse Counseling?

You may have seen in the list of things that indicate AUD that not being able to stop on your own is a sign. This reason is why you cannot try to quit drinking on your own. In other words, not being able to stop drinking is not your fault.

Addiction to any substance, including alcohol, affects your brain. The prefrontal cortex sends too much dopamine to the brain. This can result in problems with controlling impulses and emotions, making logical decisions, and wanting to connect with people. Therefore, alcohol use disorder makes choosing recovery harder.

Asking, "Why do I need alcohol abuse counseling?" is a responsible question because it means that you know that you need help but want to know more. Getting counseling from an alcohol rehab center will provide you with a support system.

What Kind of Alcohol Counseling Can I Get?

Counseling includes many types of talk therapy in addition to other types of treatment. In order to ensure that you get the right kind of care, you will have an evaluation when you first arrive at an alcohol rehab center. During this process, you will find out if you need dual diagnosis treatment or other options. Some of the therapies you could have include the following:

The types of counseling offered to you will depend on what will work for you. Some forms of therapy involve working out problems with your family. But other types may require you to learn how to change your behaviors. Dual diagnosis treatment is when you get counseling for alcohol abuse while also getting care to recover from a mental illness.

How to Get Help Now

If you have a problem with alcohol use, you cannot quit without help. Furthermore, you should not give up and keep drinking. Alcohol use disorder can cause serious problems with your body and make it harder to decide to quit. Your life depends on your decision to get sober.

Don’t put this choice for a sober life off any longer. If you have to ask, "Why do I need alcohol abuse counseling?" you likely know that the reason is your problem drinking. Let us at San Antonio Recovery Center help you to get your life back. Above all, a sober life is possible, and your first move should be a phone call to us for more information. Call us at 866.957.7885 to begin your journey toward a life without alcohol abuse.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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