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A substance abuse professional has a couple of definitions. These workers help people to get the help they need to recover from a substance use disorder. However, their specific titles may vary depending on their labor sectors. For instance, a substance abuse professional is a specific title for some. On the other hand, this term is also a description of a job. If you have had one of these professionals talk to you, you should know why and what to expect next.

What Is a Substance Abuse Professional?

When it comes to a job title, this term describes a person who helps those with drug or alcohol use violations to get help. The same job title may also apply to other sectors that have a person in charge of getting their employees addiction recovery help. In general, a substance abuse professional either helps patients or people around them end the scourge of their addiction.

Driving while intoxicated or failing a drug test at work could put your job at risk. If either even has happened, you may have one of these professionals talk to you about ways to keep your job. One of the requirements may be for you to undergo rehab before you can return to work. The length of time and type of treatment you have will depend on what your company requests and what you need.

Another Look at This Job

Some places have a substance use professional as a job title related to the human resources department. But, you may also find this job description to indicate someone in the field of addiction recovery. For example, a therapist who specializes in helping those suffering from addiction may describe himself or herself as a substance abuse professional counselor. Though, this description must have a basis in the credentials he or she has.

Treatment and Substance Abuse

Regardless of where you talk to a professional of substance abuse, your next step will most likely be to seek treatment. Anytime one of these professionals has to talk to someone, that person has shown signs of a possible drug or alcohol use problem. Getting treatment before the problem costs you your job or your life is important. In fact, intervention from a substance use professional could be your chance to turn around your life before it's too late to do so.

When you enter treatment, you will also have substance addiction professionals around you. These professionals may include doctors, nurses, therapists, and psychiatrists. The facility will use this treatment team to help you to overcome substance use through several programs including:

Therapy programs offered by substance abuse professionals at San Antonio Recovery Center include:

Take the Next Step

Talking to a substance abuse professional should give you the drive you need to recognize that you have a problem. If the professional was an employee at work, you know that you have already put your job at risk from your substance use. Should you have spoken to someone else with this job description, that person will determine whether or not you show signs of a substance abuse problem.

Drug use can keep you from the life you want. Contact us at San Antonio Recovery Center at 866.957.7885 to make your first steps toward starting your recovery journey. Stopping drug use is possible. But you will need help from our rehab center to discover a new, sober life.

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