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If you've been abusing a mind-altering substance for a period of time, you may have developed a psychological dependence. Dependence means that your brain believes it needs the effects of the substance to feel and perform normally. Ending long-term abuse won't be easy, but it's possible if you're willing to seek professional help. A quality rehab program that includes crucial services like detox, various therapies, and individualized treatment can help you maintain sobriety long-term.

What Is Psychological Dependence?

Psychological dependency is a state in which an individual relies upon a certain substance's psychological effects to feel "good" and function properly. It doesn't happen overnight but rather develops over a period of long-term substance abuse. As an individual experiences an increased tolerance and starts consuming larger and more frequent doses, the risk for psychological dependency increases. This is because the brain becomes accustomed to the drug's effects and therefore starts to believe it needs these effects.

Psychological dependence looks different from drug to drug. In the case of opiate drugs, which are substances that attach to pain receptors in the brain and increase levels of dopamine (the "feel-good" chemical), the brain stops making its own dopamine. This means that individuals cannot experience feelings of pleasure and joy when the substance is absent from their system. For this reason, millions of individuals continue to abuse opiates in a quest to achieve the desired feeling of euphoria.

How to Break Free from Addiction

Addiction is a disease that causes users to encounter constant and compulsive urges to seek and abuse a substance for its effects. These urges never entirely go away, but individuals can learn how to successfully resist them in the future. Rehab teaches users how to utilize healthy coping skills and other skills to prevent future relapse.

Detox is typically the first step towards recovery. Detox at a supervised medical center affords the opportunity to clear the body of leftover toxins that fuel addiction cravings. Specialists are available 24/7 to help patients manage their heroin withdrawal symptoms and ease the discomfort associated with the process. By the time users complete detox, they can feel prepared to enter rehab treatment with a clearer head. This makes it easier to focus on the treatment that lies ahead.

After detox, individuals can start their own personalized recovery plan. This plan's specifics should be determined on an individual basis, depending on your specific needs and goals for treatment.

Another way rehab can lead to real results is its use of therapy. Talk therapy with an experienced psychologist is a great way to work through any personal problems that may be fueling abusive tendencies. If these problems or past traumas don't receive attention, the individual will remain at high risk for future relapse and other unfortunate setbacks.

Overcome Addiction at Our Texas Rehab

If you would like help beating addiction to heroin or some other habit-forming drug, choose rehab at San Antonio Recovery Center. Our heroin rehab center in Texas offers some of the most advanced treatment modalities in the country. If you're ready to work hard towards your sobriety, our professionals will guide you through a safe and healthy recovery phase.

Just a few of our most valued substance abuse recovery programs include:

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