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At San Antonio Recovery Center, we feel that it's important to look at addiction with a wider lens. Therefore, the inclusion of mental illness statistics is utilized in this article to bring an understanding of the prevalence of co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse. Suffering from mental illness increases your vulnerability to developing a substance abuse disorder. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we understand that underlying mental health issues play a significant role in the development of unhealthy drug addiction. Admission into our dual diagnosis treatment center in San Antonio, TX, is the first step towards overcoming your mental health and substance abuse issues. Our addiction treatment staff will create a personalized treatment program based on the unique circumstances fueling your addiction.

Mental Illness Statistics

It's not uncommon for some people to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol to deal with past traumas or feelings of loss, inadequacy, as well as more acute mental and personality disorders. If you suffer from mental health challenges and addiction, you aren't alone. Take a look at these sobering mental illness statistics:

  • Approximately 50% of those with severe mental disorders also experience substance abuse.
  • Among those who abuse alcohol, 37% have at least one mental illness, and 53% of drug abusers do too.
  • Among mentally ill individuals, 29% abuse drugs or alcohol.

To put mental illness into a broader perspective, it's a good idea to look at how it affects the general public. Many adults in the United States face mental illness challenges in their lifetimes. Mental illness statistics give you an understanding of the problem and include the following:

  • In the United States, 46.4% of adults face a mental illness some time in their life.
  • 5% of all adults face mental illness in any given year — that's nearly 44 million Americans.
  • Those who develop a mental illness within a one-year period include 14% with a single disorder, 6% with two disorders, and 6% with more than two disorders.
  • Age plays a role in the development of mental disorders, with 50% starting at age 14 and 75% starting at age 24.
  • About 41% of those with a mental disorder receive the mental health care needed to overcome their struggle

Co-occurring Disorders Treatment

Co-occurring, or dual diagnosis, describes a scenario where a mental health issue and substance abuse problem occur at the same time. Thus, when you come to San Antonio Recovery Center or psychiatric and mental team, we conduct a thorough assessment that helps us understand your particular needs. Also, this ensures you get the help you need.

Common mental disorders that accompany alcohol and drug abuse include anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, and other mental health conditions. You may learn about your particular challenge during our inpatient or outpatient servers at our center. Dealing with substance abuse disorder challenges most clients. But sorting through mental issues clears the way for a lifetime of recovery. Dual diagnosis treatment programs include:

Importance of Mental Illness

Leaving your mental health disorder untreated makes it hard to avoid temptation out in real life. Instead, consider addressing them during your substance use treatment plan. Licensed and experienced counselors and medical staff guide you on your experience of discovery toward a life free of drugs and alcohol.

Learn skills that teach you how to process situations in a healthy way in cognitive-based therapies. Also,  you'll lean on peers and staff to get through a tough group and individual therapy sessions. With the needed support, you can learn to cope with a co-occurring disorder and get back on track.

The Link Between Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Substance abuse and mental illness are often linked. Have you ever wondered which one leads to the other? Ways in which the two are linked include:

  • Self-medication with alcohol and drugs is turned to when mental health problems occur.
  • Abuse of alcohol and drugs amplifies the risk of developing mental disorders.
  • Also, alcohol and drugs exacerbate mental health issues.

Don't Become a Mental Illness Statistic in San Antonio

The mental illness statistics presented here may alarm you. However, the good news is you do not have to be another drug addiction statistic. You deserve a healthy free of drug abuse. Instead of living in the unhealthy cycle of mental illness and substance abuse, call the staff at San Antonio Recovery Center 866.957.7885 to help you find hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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