benefits of addiction aftercare programs

Aftercare programs refer to the resources and services people access following formal treatment. Most of the time, inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment lasts a couple of months or even longer. But the recovery journey doesn't end when someone leaves rehab. In some ways, that is simply the beginning. In fact, the months and years immediately after addiction treatment are critical for a person’s recovery. Relapse in those early months of post-treatment is a major concern. Therefore, aftercare programs can ensure people have the support and resources they need to maintain sobriety and continue rebuilding their lives.

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Examples of Addiction Aftercare Programs in Texas

Aftercare programs come in many different structures and formats. Many times, the type of aftercare depends largely on the type of addiction in question. Another factor that determines the style of aftercare program someone needs is whether or not they have any underlying mental health disorders. Common aftercare program examples include:

  • Facility-based programs
  • Sober living homes
  • Therapy and counseling
  • Support groups

First, facility-based programs refer to aftercare that is delivered directly through a rehab facility. Exactly what is offered depends on what a facility offers. A major perk of this style of aftercare is that people can continue to access resources in the same place they experienced rehab. They may see the same therapists and interact with the same clinicians, which can make the transition to aftercare smoother. Facility-based programs usually offer a comprehensive set of services that range from therapy and medical evaluations to alumni support groups.

Second, sober living homes offer a residential setting. Sober living homes provide structure and a sober environment for people as they continue transforming their life. Third, therapy remains critical to recovery. Aftercare prioritizes weekly therapy sessions. Some people attend therapy or counseling multiple times a week depending on need. Fourth, support groups offer community and socialization that is grounded in sobriety. The most recognizable type of support group is 12-step programs that are based on the philosophy and structure of Alcoholics Anonymous.

3 Benefits of Addiction Aftercare Programs

Aftercare programming is a key component of healing from addiction. Let's look at the benefits of addiction aftercare programs in more detail:

1. Provides Continued Support

Addiction aftercare benefits all point back to one overarching idea: addiction is a chronic disease that no program can actually heal. Rather, it is managed. In fact, maintaining sobriety is a lifelong process. The need for intense treatment and support may wane over time. Yet some amount of support generally remains necessary, particularly in the early months after formal treatment ends. People engaged in aftercare continue to access therapy and attend support groups. Repairing a life damaged by addiction takes time. Fortunately, aftercare resources help people rebuild from the wreckage.

2. Reduces Relapse Risk

Sobriety is the goal of recovery. With that in mind, relapse is the biggest risk for people once they leave treatment. Much of the support offered by aftercare programs focus on preventing relapse. In fact, reducing the risk of relapse is one of the biggest addiction aftercare benefits.

3. Builds Coping Mechanisms

Coping mechanisms are one of the tools people use to avoid drug use. It is impossible to avoid stressors and triggers that may then lead someone to use drugs again. But what is possible is the development of healthy coping mechanisms. That process begins during treatment and extends into aftercare programming. Attending therapy and support groups aid in building and refining coping mechanisms that people can implement when they get drug cravings or are tempted to use.

Addiction Aftercare Programs in Texas

The benefits of addiction aftercare programs are clear. Too many people overlook the importance of aftercare at the expense of the progress they make during formal treatment. Discover the full range of addiction aftercare benefits by reaching out to San Antonio Recovery Center at 866.957.7885.

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