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Men and women can both suffer from drug abuse. However, it seems like rehab treatment focuses more on men. Because of that, a lot of people wonder if rehab for women is important. Yes, and the importance continues to grow as more women begin to abuse drugs. Learn how crucial a womens drug addiction rehab in San Antonio TX can be.

Growing Drug Abuse Among Women

Research clearly demonstrates the importance of rehab for women. Experts recently found that the number of women who abuse drugs is on the rise. In 2018, nearly 19.5 million women admitted to using illegal drugs during the past year.

One big reason for this growth is prescription drugs. During the same study, 8.4 million women admitted to misusing prescription medications. Some of them even bought the prescriptions illegally.

Even being pregnant didn't stop women from abusing drugs. In fact, the number of women who had an opioid addiction during labor quadrupled from 1999 to 2014. As a result, women aren't only putting their lives in danger but also the lives of their babies. In this light, it's pretty easy to see how important rehab for women is.

Who Is More Likely to Abuse Drugs — Men or Women?

According to rehab centers, men are more likely to abuse drugs than women. However, women are much more likely to end up in the emergency room. On that same note, they're more likely to suffer fatal overdoses. For these reasons, rehab for women is just as important, if not more important, because it might save their lives.

Studies also show that women are slightly more likely than men to suffer from mental illnesses, such as depression. Based on this statistic alone, women have an increased likelihood of drug abuse. The reason is that underlying mental disorders often lead to the formation of substance use disorders.

The Risk of Relapse Is Higher

Finally, experts say that the risk of relapse is greater in women than in men. While men and women both experience drug cravings, women tend to experience more extreme cravings. As a result, they're more likely to relapse. Enrolling in an aftercare program after rehab can reduce this risk.

Likewise, men and women both benefit from joining support groups after rehab. These groups provide strength and support long after treatment. Remember that addiction never truly goes away. With the right help, though, women can learn to manage it.

Rehab For Women Starts With Detox

Over the course of an addiction, chemicals from the consumed substance cause the brain and body to adapt. At first, the body is unused to the presence of a substance, allowing for quick and potent highs. Over time, however, the body adjusts, and it takes more of a substance used more often to achieve the same high. As the body builds tolerance, the brain drives cravings, which in turn fuels the vicious cycle of addiction. When a physical dependency is unfulfilled, the affected person undergoes withdrawal. Withdrawal is particularly severe for heavy users, and for users of alcohol, heroin, and benzos. This severity is dangerous not only to a person's health, but to their recovery. If a person undergoes withdrawal but has access to their substance of choice, the urge to relapse will be very strong. Withdrawal is the first, and perhaps the most difficult, roadblock to your recovery.

Since withdrawal is so severe, doctors strongly recommend against going through withdrawal alone, aka "cold turkey." Instead, doctors recommend that patients seek detox treatment. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we offer detox programs for alcohol and heroin, for both men and women.

Detox starts with withdrawal, lasting anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. The benefit of detox is that it takes place in a secure, medically monitored environment. Some withdrawal symptoms, like seizures or delirium tremens (for alcoholics), can be fatal if left untreated. Medical professionals monitor detox patients 24/7 to keep them comfortable and safe as their body purges the addictive substance.

We Can Help You With Drug Abuse Problems in Women and Men

At San Antonio Recovery Center, we're proud to offer gender-specific treatment options for men and women. Our Texas addiction rehab programs put our clients' needs first. We also strive to make our rehab programs affordable so that more people can get treatment. Some of the programs that we offer include:

  • 90-day rehab
  • Aftercare program
  • Residential rehab
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Family counseling
  • Individual and group therapy

Don't wait to start drug addiction treatment. Find rehab for women today. Contact us at 866.957.7885 for more information about what we can provide.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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